Thrifty Christmas Decorating

I have been very busy accumulating a few new things for Christmas this year.  Would you believe that I really haven’t updated my Christmas decor for some time?  I mean I’ve added a few new things here and there for years but have not changed up the main look towards a whole new direction in some time.   

This year I have finally decided to go for the lime green Christmas look and I am just so excited about it, that I just have to show you bits and pieces.  I have been a plaid Christmas decorator for some time and I will still keep quite a bit of that but I am going to attempt to bring in some lime green now too!  If you know me, it should be no surprise there.  I actually have a wonderful deep lime green master bedroom, two limish green bathrooms, and many lime green clothes!   I just love that color! 

I don’t think it will be too obvious but it will be different for sure!  Let me show you a few things I have recently purchased to work towards that direction.  Last week I went to Hobby Lobby and was quite pleased to see they were having a 50% off sale, then I went to Carolina Pottery and picked up a few more items I was looking for, here’s last weeks haul.

I have done the candy theme on a small scale in my kitchen for years but this year I am ramping it up a bit and adding that in the den some too.  I really think that the candy look will be complimentary to the lime green as well as all my Santa’s.  Well, I hope so anyway!

Aren’t these some of the cutest ornaments you have seen in some time?  I thought so, especially at 50% off!

I have greenery already but am going to actually use it more and add a bit more filler to it too.  I usually just do a very berry look, but this year that’s changing too.  Again more greenery was 50% off from Hobby Lobby.   It was certainly worth the drive this year!

OK, here’s my new ribbons I plan to use somehow this year.  The red, white and lime green tulle ribbon on the bottom spools were from Hobby Lobby at 50% off.  I am still unsure as to how it’s all going to come together but I am getting there.  There is 100 yards on each of these spools.   I have got to be able to use that!  What a deal!  The green spool on the top was from Carolina Pottery and only 20% off but, Oh, so pretty and sparkly!

Speaking of Carolina Pottery, I got these ornaments from there too, I just love them!  So cute and just look, it’s lime green on those red flat balls!

Here they are up close in front of my bag that has something else I got from there.   You’ll just have to wait to see that after I am finished decorating.  It’s a surprise!

Today I made it out one more time before getting back to the Thanksgiving preparations.  I went out looking  for items to update my outdoor wreath.  It’s getting the lime green treatment too of course.  I only needed to go to one store for this, though! 

This is what I picked up to update my front door wreath from the Dollar Tree, woohoo!  Yep, only $1.00 each!  I’m going to do a little change on some of this too.

And check this out!  No, I didn’t buy this to use to display my Christmas balls.  I bought this to use while working on my Christmas decor.  I also like to paint Christmas balls and this is a perfect piece to use to let them hang while drying.  It was actually even marked down to .25cents.  I may need to go back to get another one so I can do assembly line painting.  LOL!

And finally, I have to let you peek at these too!  I also found these at the Dollar Tree.  I plan to do something wonderful to use them inside, just you wait and see!

I confess I usually do not shop for new Christmas decor this early but I am so glad I did.  I especially love that I have found such interesting things to update our Christmas decor this year at such a bargain too.  I like to decorate the day after Thanksgiving (well really the whole weekend) after Black Friday shopping.  I can hardly wait to get started now!

I am linking to the following parties to share my wonderful holiday deals.
Hope you are getting in the holiday spirit too!  Thanks for stopping by!  I hope all of you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


14 thoughts on “Thrifty Christmas Decorating

  1. I think your lime green color scheme is going to be very neat! I can't wait to see it.

    I try to shop the sales after Christmas for ornaments and such, but the temptation before is too much! I really haven't gotten out much but I know I will be going nuts when I do!!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Mary!



  2. Mary -I can hear the excitement in your posting -it does get fun when you get new things and plan how you can use them with the older treasured holiday decorations. I love lime green too -the color of our living room walls. Wal- mart has a lot of lime green decorations too-I love the red Chritsmas balls you have with the red dots -too cute and that will pull everything together . I am leaning toward silver /mercury glass/mirrors /black and lime green –can't wait to see your surprises 🙂


  3. I didn't think I would like the green but I do!! Those are great decorations and how cute a candy theme would be in a kitchen. Hmmmm…..

    I bought two of those wreaths at Dollar Tree and another of the double glass candle vase things. Plus some collapseable containers to organize the pantry. For $15, I got a whole slew of things!!


  4. Oh, boy, what fun you’re going to have creating things with those goodies. Great finds and I can't wait to see what you do with all of it!

    Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! XO ~Liz


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