Christmas is Coming!

Thank you all for your kind words about my son’s accident.  You are right, it was every parents worst nightmare, but praise God all are well and on the mend!   Last night the two girls that were with him in the car, came over to visit my son awhile. In typical teenage girl fashion there was lot’s of giggling and laughing, music to my ears!

On the other hand, I have been a very busy Santa’s helper this weekend.  For Metamorphosis Monday and Seasonal Sunday, I want to show you how our den has transformed into a colorful Christmas Candy Land.  I’ll just focus on the tree and mantle for this post.

Here’s a wide shot of our den all trimmed out for Christmas this year.

My tree is all trimmed out this year too!  I added some of my new candy decor along with years and years of collected favorites and handmade pieces from my children and myself.

I just love the tulle ribbon I purchased this year from Hobby Lobby.

I still have yards and yards of this ribbon.  I love how soft it looks on the tree.
The stockings are hung by the chimney with care.

These elves are my newest addition that were hidden in the bag two posts back.  I just love elves!  There is something so magically delightful about an elf.  I have several old elves from years ago, I could do a post on elves alone.  I am happy to see that elves have started to make a comeback over the last few years.  There are some really wonderful elves I have seen at Michael’s this year.  I will have to wait for a 50% off sale on those.  I like how these elves add something magical to our old stockings.

The elves in the middle are not orange that’s just more of my fancy camera work.  They are really a very bright red with lime green.  They are sitting on my sons stockings.   Yes, I did cross stitch these stockings for each of my sons.   I still have the pattern too.  I made each one their first year of life.  I don’t know how I found the time to do it now, but I surely did then.  I remember it was so important to get them done in time.  I keep thinking I want to add a cuff on the top with their names embroidered but then it would cover up the names I cross stitched.  It sure would look a lot better though.

Here’s a close up of my candy mantle.

This photo shows a few other things I already had that I made years ago.  To the left is a piece of hard candy that I made from styrofoam, glitter paint and plastic wrap.  In the center of the ribbon are some old red Christmas balls that were loosing some of their red paint. So, one year I decided to jazz them up.  Would you believe I sat down and painstakingly glued sequins all over these old balls?  Well I sure did, and I’m so glad I did!   I just love those sequined covered balls ever year I pull them back out.
My tree is topped with three beautiful copper stars.  They have started to age and turned slightly green now too.  I bought these three stars separately at a little shop in Charleston while visiting my SIL one year.  They are hand made and were sold separately.  I used copper wire to attach them together and they sit on a wooden stick we notched out to hold them.  There is a larger one in the middle and two smaller ones on each side.  I love having a star on top of the tree.  Because of the trio on my star, it reminds me personally of the father, son and holy ghost.  I added berries, green curly thingies and bows all around it this year too.
Oops!  I almost forgot to show it all lit up!

Can you tell what type of lights I use?

That’s right!  I just have to have colored lights in my den. 
You should really see this tree in the evening.  Love it!

Well there you have it!  That’s the beginning of Christmas at our house.  I still have 3 more trees to go.  Whew!  Don’t worry only one more large tree though.
What about you?  Are you getting into the Christmas spirit yet?  I sure hope so, it will be here before you know it, so why not enjoy it as long as possible.  I plan too!
Thanks for visiting today!  Have a great Sunday and Monday!  LOL!

41 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming!

  1. I love your tree…I don't think you could fit one more ornament on it!! And I love the ribbon all around~I am no good at that! Love your handmade stockings, too!

    The elves are darling and you had a very sweet {!!} idea of adding the candy to your mantelscape! Beautiful job, Mary!



  2. Your tree is gorgeous and I love that you use ornaments from year to year that have such wonderful meaning to you. That is always my favorite kind of tree. Your mantel is fabulous. Love the candy theme, and the stockings for your sons are the most precious of all. Beautiful decor. Hugs, Marty


  3. Your tree and mantel are beautiful -we use colored light too -we had always used white lights and then our sons said you know colored lights look so much more festive -like a party's goin' on 🙂 can't argue with that !


  4. Very pretty Mary! I love the candy theme. In our house the candy room is the kitchen. Your whole den is just lovely. Good news about your son, that was wonderful to hear.


  5. Hi Anon! I have had those grapes for so long I cannot remember exactly where they came from. They may have been from Michaels, but I am thinking they came from a store we used to have around that is no longer in these parts..Ben Franklin Crafts? I am sorry I can't remember but they are similar to some I have seen at Michaels and AC Moores. Hope this helps some!


  6. I'm ready to really get cracking now. This is so pretty to me that it makes me want to decorate more.

    My very favorite part is the elves. My mother had some similar when we were growing up. Yours are whimsical and make me feel all nostalgic!

    And… sorry to say that I didn't know about your son's accident! I have been AWOL from the computer almost completely this week because my girls were home.

    I'm praising with you that he's OK.


  7. Your tree and mantle look great, Mary! Love the tulle, I used a little bit on my tree this year, too.

    Sorry to hear your son was in an accident; mine had one on Friday on his way to work, when someone cut in front of him, spun out and went through a chain link fence. Thank God, he was okay.


  8. My goodness, what a gorgeous tree! I have one word for you…Exquisite!! I adore the candy cane theme, why didn't I think of that? 😉 Well done, sweetie! XO ~Liz


  9. With everything on your mind it's astonishing to have the tree done too. It's a real beauty and the candy theme for the den is perfect. Hope you'll drop by and see our Christmas mantels. We're early this year. Jane


  10. First of all Mary praise God your son is going to be okay. What a nightmare for all of you and the other teenagers! You are right it is a parents worse nightmare.
    Now let me comment about your tree and mantle. Mary they are just lovely. I don't think I have ever seen a tree outside of a store decorated so prefectly. Wow I hate to ask how long it took you to do this. It is beautiful. Love how you used the mantle too. The ribbon is really really pretty and ties it all together.
    Sure wish you could stop by my ole farm house and help me. Bring those darlings Elves too.


  11. I love, love, love your decorations! I can see you put many hours of time into it. Your den looks so cozy with the tree lit. 🙂 I still find all colors of lights more beautiful.

    When my 3 daughters were young, I always worried until they walked back into the house. So, I understand what you mean about the dreaded phone call. I'm glad your son is ok.


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