Leafy Fall Tablescape

OK, so like the other day last week (Monday to be exact) before all my world went into a tailspin, I was sitting in the kitchen on my counter stool trying to catch up on my emails on my laptop.  However, I kept gazing dreamily outside.  For those of you who email me, I do appreciate it, please know I am not ignoring you I am just such a dreamer at times.
I was sitting there looking at how beautiful everything looked outside.  I was also remembering how one of my old friends had commented she could not wait to see a fall tablescape done outside from me.  I knew that soon the beautiful fall foliage and the remaining leaves that were clinging to the trees would soon be gone.  I also realized it was a now or never moment.   So, like all good bloggers do I scurried about and created one more setting, this ones for you my sweet outdoorsy friend, I hope you enjoy!  I also hope all the rest of you bloggers over at Tablescape Thursday enjoy this setting too.
The leaves are falling and I haven’t even picked up the rake once yet!  I am getting so mellow!
I’ve set a table for two, wish you were here!
I put out my newest Lenox dinner plates to start with.
Next, I added my green wheat plates for a very festive touch.
Then, I added my black and white toile plates.   Look how the scenes shows the man and lady gathering wheat on here too.  How appropriate for this time of year!
I really like this color combination together, don’t you?
I also brought out the good silver!
Would you care for a glass of wine with your tea?
I love looking out in my yard this time of year, I hope you are enjoying it too?
My old black shawl makes a wonderful table throw.
I am really glad I did this and captured such warm Autumn colors.
Thanks for the encouragement to set this table, it was so fun thinking of what I would do if you were here.
Now I really should get back to those emails!   Speaking of emails, let me tell you about one of those emails I opened last week.  Would you believe the nice folks over at CSN Stores sent me a fantastic opportunity to do a review on one of their products.  I am going to have quite a decision on my hands, as there are literally thousands of items to choose from.  You may want to even check out all the wonderful products over at CSN Stores for your holiday shopping.  You won’t be dissappointed.  Also, be sure to stay in touch and see what I choose to review so you can hear all about it too!
Thanks for visiting with me today!  Be sure and let me know if you were here. 
Happy Holidays!

13 thoughts on “Leafy Fall Tablescape

  1. that is wonderful Mary…all of it. I was dreaming to the other day out my window. I will miss Fall, I personally do not like all the bare trees….make my dinette area look so dull. I love your tablescape outdoors, very good pictures!


  2. I really love the color combo here. The green with the black is great to begin with, and when you added the brown, especially outside in that setting, it was all sooo pretty! I'm so glad you did this one.

    I'm anxious to see what you pick to review!


  3. HI Marty! What a gorgeous tablescape! I love the color combo on the place setting and those Lenox dishes are beautiful. It all looks so lovely against the backdrop of the leaves! Thanks for sharing one more piece of fall with us! 🙂


  4. I like it with the outdoor setting. It is 32 degrees here this morning so not sure I will be outside!! I have to get away from this computer and start working on the decorations!!

    Oh, I am supposed to have one phone interview today, my resume sent over from the temp agency for a job and a friend is working on a position for me. Hopefully something works out!! How about your search?


  5. Mary, you have such a lovely spot in which to dine outside….I'd be taking every advantage of it that I could, too. (I don't envy you raking all those leaves, though)

    Your turkey is just the cutest thang & those green wheat plates with the black & white toile…TDF! That is one of my favorite color combinations to wear…black pants & bright lime green on top. Draws the eye UP, ya' know. LOL


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