Tabletop Santas

Hi Yall!  Since it’s Tabletop Tuesday I thought I’d show a few of my Santa’s.  Yes indeedy, I am one of those crazy Santa collectors.  I have actually given away some of my Santa’s after moving into this house where there was less rooms to display them all.  I like having them scattered about and not all clustered together.  Since this house does not have a formal living room it was too much.   Not to worry though, I still have waaay too many!  I’m just showing you a few today that I have set up in the den. 

I am still knee deep in decorating for Christmas after taking a much needed break after Friday’s tree and mantle decorating.  It literally took me all morning long Saturday to clean up before I could even begin to think of how to proceed with the rest of my decorating.  I was feeling quite overwhelmed from the clutter and all the recent events of the holidays and my sons accident, so I took a break from it all.

My son is continually doing quite well and actually drove himself to school today.  Yikes!  I know you have to let them get back in the saddle, so to speak, but I really did not want too. 

Here he is last night after going back to school yesterday.  His injured leg is his left leg so he can drive and we even practice drove with him on Sunday, well actually the Mr. did, but point is he’s ready even though I’m not.  It’s a good thing it’s the holidays so I have other things to think of, and we can all keep moving forward.  God’s perfect timing! 
On my coffee table I kept the candle in the tray but changed out a few things.  Not sure I am totally liking this look but it does fit the candy decor.  I have had this trio of ceramic gingerbread men for years.  They usually live in the kitchen at Christmas but have made their way into the den this year.

I only did a simple bow tied here but may redo this, I’m not really digging it.

Love this little star jar?  It’s ceramic too, but sooo sweet looking!
This corner is kind of a mess, but I like it!

I really like the way this Santa looks next to my carriage cage.   I think they go together well, don’t you?  Look there to the right and you’ll see my paper whites are finally starting to shoot up.  I cannot wait for them to bloom!

Isn’t he wonderful?

On top of my stand I moved the lamp from the other side of the room where the Christmas tree is now and added this Hunting Santa.

He came complete with his own hunting dog too.
On one of the end tables beside my sofa I added my Woodland Santa.

He came with the reindeer too.  These are two of my very favorite Santa’s.
Oh, and these are two more of my very favorite Santa’s!  I mean, Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

They are such a whimsical pair, just look at those details.  I always put them in this rocker because I don’t have stands and they will not stand up on their own.

I just adore how old and wrinkly they are!  I just love em!
Well, I’d better stop playing on this computer and try to get some more accomplished around here today.
Thanks for visiting!  Be sure and stop by the party link above for more holiday visions and interesting vignettes.
Have a great Day!

18 thoughts on “Tabletop Santas

  1. Love your Santas Mary. I probably have over 200 so that makes me a crazy collector also. I don't get them all out these days. I should start having the girls go through all that stuff and take it home with them. Just not doing so much this year.

    Good to hear your son is back at school. My youngest daughter was in a car/semi crash, with two of her friends, just before her 16th birthday. She was ready to go get her license as soon as she turned 16, however, after the accident it took her about 6 week after her birthday to take her test. Thankfully the only injury she had was a broken collarbone, the emotional trauma was worse. Getting that phone call was trauma for us, as well.


  2. Mary, first and foremost … glad that your precious son is on the mend! Your collection of Santas is absolutely lovely! They are all unique … and, yes, the gold/white Santa works beautifully next to the birdcage! I love how you filled the hurricane with pinecones and surrounded it with your precious gingerbread men! It all looks so warm and inviting! And, thank you so much for your thoughtful comments about my whimsical Christmas kitchen, as well as my great room Christmas mantel. I really appreciate your kind words. Hugs, Becca


  3. I think it was wise for your son to get right back in the saddle. Probably not so easy for you though 😦 I will pray for continued healing of his leg.
    So why does decorating for the Holidays have to be so dang exhausting? I'm not even putting out half of what I usually do this year and I was still pooped.
    Have a great week.


  4. Good luck with your paperwhites. I grow them every year and have never gotten used to the fragrance. It's worth it to see those beautiful white blooms. Great Santa collection!


  5. Mary , your Santa's are adorable! i love the hunting santa because his dog is with him 🙂
    glad to hear your son is doing well – Don't you just love this age though?


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