The Halls are Decked!

I love Christmas!  I certainly hope you will be able to tell just how much.  I have been a very busy woman getting everything ready for the holidays.  I think I am almost done! I still need to make the new wreath for the front door and few other wreaths I was going to make for the den.  But other then that,  I do believe the I’ve successfully “Decked the Halls” and am ready to join the party.
The foyers is ready…
And trimmed in berries and plaid.  Look, I think I see a few of my helpers still hanging around!
The dining room is decked out in my usual white, gold and silver.
The new white tulle ribbon I bought this year went a long way.
I will do a feature on this room soon, I just love it!
Be sure and come back for that!  Okay?
You saw my den already, but I just have to show it again.  I moved the chairs I had in front of the TV upstairs, sooo much better!
Behind the couch is a bit more crowded then I prefer but some things get that way this time of year.  I wanted to show you my newest candle holders that I got on sale from Wisteria after our friend Jane over at Blondies Journal told us about them.  I have a wonderful idea on how I really want to use them but for now they will be used as candle holders.  Aren’t they fantastic?
I just wanted to show you my mantle one more time.  I added my very old paper mache Santa in the middle after unpacking him.  Doesn’t he just fit perfectly here?
I finished making my red pillows and pulled out our Christmas throw.
In the kitchen, Santa is everywhere! 
I’ll show you more vignettes up close in this room tomorrow.
I’ve pulled out all my holiday serve ware in here too!
Last but not least I have to give you a look at the foyer upstairs.  I moved the chairs from the dining room that I tried to put in the den up here.  I also have one of my regular den chairs up here for the holidays too.  I feel like it’s been musical chairs around here lately.
Here’s my newest tree this year, I purchased from the thrift store.  Doesn’t it look great!  It’s just the perfect size I had been wanting for up here.
It’s almost time!  Santa’s sleigh is loaded, I hope your ready! 
Thanks for taking the holiday tour today.  I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Come again anytime, I love having visitors!
Merry Christmas!

22 thoughts on “The Halls are Decked!

  1. Oh Mary I best get busy here. After seeing all this I am a real slacker! I thought I was in good shape too. Your home looks so beautiful, every little nook is festive and happy. You done good girl!!!~ ANd you deserve all those explanation points too:)!!~


  2. Mary– wowzers… you did your whole house and you did it beautifully…
    I love it all AND you answered my question before I ever posted it 🙂 I was gonna ask if it was ok to change holiday colors in different rooms.. You did it and everything looks great so I can do it too…
    thank you for visiting me…

    Holiday Hugs


  3. Your home is beautiful Mary! The dining room is gorgeous. Of course I love the blue. And the Santas in the kitchen…too cute! Everything looks so fun and cozy and ready for Christmas!
    I need to make some scarves too. What a neat idea. At least I know I want one. If I can stop flashing long enough to be cold enough to need one.LOL


  4. Your home looks so lovely and inviting! I love the little touches of the holiday season everywhere! I am slowly working on our home. Almost done though. Again love yours!


  5. Wow, everything looks awesome. We spent all weekend decorating and I feel like I've barely made a dent! Love the festive decor in your kitchen and upstairs foyer. It's so nice to have it “sprinkled” throughout the house. You did a great job 🙂


  6. I want to come hang out at your house! I love the cozy feel of the living room and the elegance of the dining room! If I did come to visit though, I might have to snatch those cute elves on the stairs!!! So cute!


  7. What a gorgeous home, Mary! You've done a crackjack job of bringing Christmas cheer to every corner.

    I adore what you did in the dining room!!! I'm all white & gold in mine, too, but I saved those photos for Cuisine Kathleen's White Christmas party on the 15th. You should join that one.

    I hope Santa brings you an embroidery machine. You'll never again be bored or have nothing to do. LOL


  8. Oh Mary! Everything looks absolutely gorgeous and so inviting! I especially loved seeing your beautiful dining room…the color pallette is just so serene and that upstairs foyer area is fabulous. You did a wonderful job “decking” your halls and I'm sure all who enter feel so warmly welcomed! 🙂


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