Santa’s in the Kitchen

Only 18 more days and Santa will officially arrive!  But if you are a good little girl, Santa comes early and hangs around all month!  Lucky for me, I am a very good girl.  LOL!  Well, most of the time anyway.

Today for Tabletop Tuesday I’m sharing my Christmas kitchen decor and all my Santa’s that have arrived to celebrate the season.

This is one of my wind up Santa’s, he plays “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.

Because I am a lazy decorator at times, I decided to just add a bow and a candy Christmas pick to my Ivy greenery in the olive oil jar.

I’ve pulled out one of my baking cookbooks for inspiration.  Now that I am finished with most of the decorating, I hope to make time for some of this.

Maybe the smell of my sonoma pear candle burning will inspire me too.

My side counter is prepared for those cooler temperatures that have finally arrived.

I call this one my “Sweater Santa”.  He is right at home over here by the crock pot, don’t ya think?

In this corner is one of my newest serving plates from Ross, also there’s more lazy decorating by adding another Christmas pick to my existing greenery.  The little wire basket holds my colorful linen coasters combined with individual packets of hot chocolate and hot apple cider mix.  Yum!

Mr.Jingles is hosting at the bar..literally, that is the name attached to him.

He is a bottle topper.  I got such a good deal on this guy many, many years ago from a Christmas Around the World party.   I was able to purchase a lot of them for friends and family for the holidays.  His skirt is like a silken fur too, he is very well made.It was so much fun giving him with a bottle of wine! 

A sweet little gingerbread couple is hanging around my oven…run, run as fast as you can!!!

I have put these berries up over my kitchen table for years!  I just love this look.  I’ve even left them up all through February for Valentines before too.

On the lazy susan are my Fitz and Floyd tumbling Santa’s.  My brother in his early 50’s always plays with these things every Christmas.  I am surprised they are not broken by now.  LOL!
They are playing by the Christmas tree cookie jar.  It is a Christopher Radko piece my mother bought for me several years ago from Target.

I’ve used this ceramic sleigh as a napkin holder for ever! 
These adorable little Cardinals are my newest addition.  My BFF gave me this for my birthday this year.  Does she know me well or what? 
Mom gave me this cute little cream and sugar set too.  It’s Christopher Radko, also from Target. 
 Have you seen enough yet?  Well, I hope not because I haven’t even gotten to my favorite spot yet.
And here it is!  My kitchen side table.
This is where all the excitement and wonder of a child’s Christmas resides.
Mr. and Mrs. Claus have arrived to await for “The night before Christmas”.
They are Madame Alexander dolls.  Aren’t they precious!
My small tree is decked out in candy trim and tiny ornaments too.
Here it is all lit up!  I really need to find a small strand of battery operated lights.  I have looked several places this year but cannot find one.  This wall does not have an outlet so I have to run an extension cord and I really hate that.  I’ve tried putting this tree somewhere else before but I really love it right here.  Please offer up any suggestions of where to look for those battery operated lights if you know.
I used the same ribbon I have used all over the kitchen for the tree topper.  Cute, cute, cute!
This is one of my favorite miniature ornaments.  It’s the little drummer boy.  This was actually a gift to my oldest son for his first Christmas. 
The cookie plate and mug are ready for Christmas eve.
And one of my favorite children’s book is out on display too.  I just loved the art work in this particular book so much that it inspired my own painting many years ago.
I took this photo last night, it just seems to glow in this space in the evening!
Today, I want to show you my painting a little closer up.
I was inspired by the decor in the book to create my version of what Santa might look like lingering around our house Christmas eve.  I painted this when we lived at our old house.   
 I modeled the fireplace after our old fireplace. The moulding is accurate and we did have black slate, but it was slabs not cut like stones. I guess this was my dream fireplace too.  LOL!  How do you like that mantle decor? 
Santa certainly was very busy here leaving lots of toys and presents under the tree.
So he sat right down for nice hot cup of cocoa and drawl of his pipe by the fire before he left.  Look, he even crosses his legs just like my husband.  LOL!
Well, I really do appreciate your time and the visit today.  I’m glad you came by.  I also really like having Santa around too, he is such good company.
Hope you have a wonderful day!


15 thoughts on “Santa’s in the Kitchen

  1. Hi Mary! I just got caught up on your last post when this one popped up! 🙂 It all looks so fun and festive in your kitchen and I would love to come hang out there with you…right by the bar of course! 🙂


  2. Oh I love every inch of it. It is all fabulous. So many pretty Santas and your tree is just fabulous. I love all the candy also. Great job. It looks fabulous. Don't forget to link this to TTT this evening. It is perfect and so full of creativity and inspiration. Hugs, Marty


  3. Mary I would love to just visit you and sit in your kitchen. We could have some of that yummy cocoa and think about cookies for Santa (and us)! You have inspired me to get my kitchen decorating done. hugs, Linda


  4. Mary -Your festive style is just so nice -looks like the santas on the table have been hanging with Mr Jingle too long 🙂 I love your kitchen tree and the painting you did of santa -wow you are so talented . But isn't it true the magic that little children have on Christmas Eve is priceless.


  5. Hi Mary! I love everything! You're so talented with your painting and I how how you've captured Santa sitting and enjoying the fire! 🙂
    Love all your vignettes around your kitchen!! Now, you're never going have any cookies now – Santa's here. 😉
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉


  6. Mary,
    This all looks just grand! I love every nook and cranny. I hadn't though to use a sleigh for napkins, but I am off to grab one of this year's unused sleighs and put it in my kitchen with some napkins as soon as I finish sending you this comment. Thanks for all the delicious ideas.


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