Christmas Tree Keepsakes

It’s time for a Christmas Tree Party over at Thrifty Decor Chic.  I am very happy to be able to show you all five of my trees!  That’s right ladies I said five!  I am warning you this post will be picture heavy but I’ll keep the commentary down, to keep it balanced for you.

 I am also joining Alphabet Thursday today too.  Since the letter this week is K, I’m also showing you a few of my favorite Keepsake ornaments.  It was really hard only photographing a few ornaments on each tree though, since every ornament carries a memory for me.  Some memories are merely about adding a new color or theme.  Others are much more precious such a one received from a gift, or a vacation, handmade, or from my childhood or the childhood of my children.  Therefore, every ornament to me is a keepsake no matter how big or small, expensive or thrifty.  I love them all!

Starting upstairs in our small loft, foyer area I have a small table top tree.

It’s wrapped in plaid both on the top and bottom.

 It is decorated with red, green and blue balls and also displays more of my childrens ornaments.

In the kitchen I have my smallest tree.

This tree has a candy theme.

With a sugar coated candy garland and small plastic hard candy ornaments.

Small colorful glass balls, clear birds, bells, and tiny ornments too.

In the Den is our biggest tree.

It is a colorful mixture of years of ornaments.  I tried to add a few more candy themed ornaments to this tree this year too. 

I guess you can tell I love a tree that is loaded with memories, uhh, I mean ornaments!  When I was decorating this tree my husband said if I put one more ornament on, it was going to fall over.  LOL!

 I just love all these old elves.

I love birds too.

I especially adoe this one!

In my dining room is what I like to call the formal tree.  It is white, gold and silver.

This tree was started after my collection of Lenox ornaments began to grow.  I have collected them since the first year of my marriage, one a year.  Unfortunately some of them have broken over the years,  I still have the ones that are the most important to me of that collection.

This is the ornament that started our collection.

And last but not least.  My husbands tree.  This is the tree he decorates all by himself.

I happen to think he’s a keepsake too!

Hope you enjoyed my tour of trees.
Happy Holidays!



24 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Keepsakes

  1. All your trees are beautiful! I am partial to the one with Thomas on it. When my two guys were little, they watched the PBS channel (no cable and pre-dish era). Thomas was their favorite and I still have all their trains and track. I am saving it for my grandkids (hopefully boys someday) to play with! Very dear to my heart. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Boy, oh boy. You know how to do this thing up right!

    I love ALL your trees, but especially that one with the ribbon that is loaded with “memories.”



  3. What a great tour! They are all wonderful, and I am so glad you included your keepsake husband's tree.

    The den one is my favorite of all, but I thought they were all fantastic.


  4. Great trees. My fav is your formal tree! BTW, I finally found the cabinet I was looking for. It's the one with the patriotic snowmen in my recent Decking the Halls post. I'm loving the storage! Stop by if you get a chance. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  5. Hubby is a keepsake too! I love that! What gorgeous trees, each one so unique. I would have to decorate them starting in June to get them done by Christmas though… Happy AlphabeThursday!


  6. Wow, you've been busy, girl!! Everything looks absolutely beautiful, so festive! I love all the trees you've decorated–I think I'll start giving my daughter a Lenox ornament every year, great idea!! Thanks for visiting with me and your kind comments. We have a condo in NMBeach, SC–we love it there!! Merry Christmas!


  7. I used to stick some elves outside in the trees a few days before Christmas when the children were getting a little too excited. Then I would tell them that the elves were watching and would report back to Santa if they didn't calm down. They would run to the window and look for the elves in the trees!!


  8. I used to do four trees…but never as magnficently as you did these!

    The Christmas music playing and the lovely pictures felt like a little peaceful respite in the midst of all the holiday craziness.

    I thank you for that.

    And thank you for linking to Alphabe-Thursday.

    Merry Christmas, lovely lady.



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