A Snowy Glowy Village

Hello!  It’s cold outside and many parts of the country are getting socked with snow.  So is my part of the country!  Well,  my bakers rack on the screen porch is anyway, at least that’s what I’m saying.  LOL!  Don’t believe me?  Okay, no problem, I’ll just show you.  I’ve got proof positive that it looks like a virtual snow village out there! 
See, I told you!  Just look at all that snow out there!  It sure doesn’t seem to be stopping this town from all the hustle and bustle of the season though.
This is the first time I have put up my snow village in over 6 years.
It’s not anything special.  It’s an expensive set my mother bought from me from a furniture store that was selling them weekly as a promotional discount one year.  She was quite determined to get the whole set and went back each week and bought me and my siblings each piece.  Thanks Mom!
The town gazebo.
Towns people sharing a bench.
There’s lots of hustle and bustle around the church this time of year.
The post man is making his way back to the post office.
A lady and her son near the old mill and the old church.
The town clock stands in front of the library.  I believe it’s 8pm already!
Looks like a few businesses are still open.  I know you want to stop in this one for a bit, don’t ya?
Wonder if the Heileg Meyers has any good furniture deals this year.  Are they even still around?  IDK!
Whoops!  Lights out at the court house!  Isn’t that ironic.
Hope you enjoyed the tour of my little snow village.
I am attending Seasonal Sunday.  Please be sure and stop by this party for more beautiful sights of the season.  Bundle up and stay warm, baby, it’s cold out there!

10 thoughts on “A Snowy Glowy Village

  1. How nice that your mother got you this whole set -what a lovely gift -it did give me a chuckle that the light s were out at the courthouse -um ! But boy the church sure was going strong 🙂 I heard the choir 🙂


  2. I love your village!!!! I love it in all the snow! I have put that fluffy snow everywhere this year! Jemma would be all over that village making everyone talk and have a good time! So cute!


  3. I love your village! And your blog backround is awesome! I know exactly what you mean about my bedroom. I have thought about putting the headboard against the windows but the nightstands don't fit! But I might take your advice and take the head and footboard off. I just have no where to put it at the moment! And I don't want it to look “unfinished” but something will work out!! Thanks for your help 🙂


  4. Oh I just love your village!!!I LOVE looking at other peoples because I only have two pieces myself, one is a Lemax and the other is just some random pieces I picked up, I dont think its a pieces from Dept 56 or anything, but I still like it!
    Also, thank you for commenting me! I am following you now as I went through about 2-3 pages and have loved everything youve posted so far, now I need to go back and read some more!!!
    I am jealous that you got to meet her! That's so awesome!! I have 4 figurines and one of those little keepsake boxes that i've been getting from my mom and fiance, I have a picture of them on one of my previous blogs. I just love her work its so simple yet beautiful. I love the no faces concept that she uses, I think it's what makes them so wonderful!


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