Reason for the Season Party

Hallelujah!  It’s time for the Reason for the Season Party at Happier then a Pig in Mud.  Can you possibly think of a better party to attend this time of year?  I certainly can’t and I ‘m very happy to have the opportunity to share my beautiful manger scenes with you.  You see, I have several nativity sets.  None of them are expensive but each one is so special to me.  I truly love them all!
In my dining room I have two nativity sets displayed this year.  You have seen both of them already if you are following my blog but let’s take a closer look again.
Over on my plant stand I have a simple inexpensive white china set.
 I actually may have even bought this from the dollar tree or dollar general years ago, I cannot remember.
Over on my sideboard I have what I consider to be my best set.
This was a gift to me a few years ago from my BFF.  It is from Kirklands.  She saw how much I just loved the colors on this set when we were shopping one day and so she surprised me by going back later to get it and give it to me for Christmas. 
This is the Virgin Mary.
And this is Joseph.  I love the little lantern that dangles from his hand.
Baby Jesus!
The shepherd boy.
And of course the three wise men.

I purchased this Christmas star ball from Christmas around the World many years ago.  I love having my star ball in this setting since it was a star that led the wise men.
I just added the gauzy burlap look alike material today.  I love how natural it looks.
Doesn’t this just make you want to sing, “O Holy Night”!
Upstairs I have two more nativity sets displayed.
This set I bought for my sons when they were small, but not too small.  It is from Playmobile.  My sons have a huge box of playmobile knights and accessories packed up for their kids one day.  This set is mine.  I just love all the tiny little details.  It is fun, but not for very small hands because of the small parts.
Mary and Joseph and sweet baby Jesus are being watched over by the angel.
The animals are also watching over the Baby Jesus.
The shepherd boy.
And a warm fire glows to keep them warm.
The wise men have arrived bringing gifts
I just adore this fun little nativity set.
When my children were much smaller this was the first nativity set I bought them.  It was one they could easily play with.  It is from Avon, I used to sell Avon and was able to get this keepsake at a very good deal.  It had gotten very moldy over the years some time ago and I was able to wash it all clean just like new.  It’s great quality.
The set is thick chunky rubbery plastic.  Just perfect for little hands.
Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus are surrounded by three wise men and a few animals.
I set this set up under their tree upstairs.
Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at my nativity sets.  I know I am going to enjoy looking at yours this evening.  I especially want to thank our host for such a wonderful party!  I think this is just the best idea!  
I truly hope each of you have a very blessed Christmas enjoying the Reason for the Season.
Thank you so much for visiting with me!
Merry Christmas!


18 thoughts on “Reason for the Season Party

  1. Oh Mary you have a great collection. I have to say I love the one that you bought for your boys when they were little, it is so cute! I am disappointed I did not know about this party. I actually have a new nativity that was passed down to me and I will be posting about that soon. Enjoy your evening, and stay warm, holy moly is it cold here in South Carolina!


  2. I love your nativity sets! The shepherd boy is so wonderful with the little sheep in his arms. I didn't know Playmobile made a nativity set. My daughter loved to play with her sets when she was younger and still has them today saved in one of her boxes. You have given me a wonderful idea for my nativity set…will have to tell you later…(hint- I love the loosely woven fabric you put below yours)


  3. Mary, your sets are so fun! The cloche is pretty and the color and detail of the set from your BFF are just beautiful! My favs have to be the sets for your sons! Lovin' the Playmobile set-that's just amazing and the Avon one for small hands is so precious! Thank you so much for joining in:@)


  4. those little sets are just SO cute! Ive never seen anything like that!! I want one for myself and I don't even have kids!!!
    I also love that set that your friend bought for you, the colors on that ARE gorgeous!


  5. All of your Nativity sets are so nice! I think my favorite is the last one. I want to find something like that for my soon to be born Grandson! What a special set for little one's to be able to put their hands on. Thanks for sharing with us.


  6. Mary, your different Nativity sets are just Precious! From the tiny little white one…beautifully displayed to the wonderful one your friend gifted to you & even the Legos one. Just wonderful!

    I also thank you for the attitude adjustment about the chipped ear on my camel. You are SO RIGHT!!!! Thanks for that…I needed to hear it today.


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