Hand painted Ornaments

I have a friend who has always been like a spiritual mentor to me.  She is older then me but young enough to always understand where I am at, through the seasons of my life.  I have been blessed by her wisdom for sure.  I always like to give her a little something for Christmas and this year was no different. 

Today I delivered her gift, so it is safe to post about it now.  I’m not sure if she visits my blog often because she is very busy running a local non profit agency.   She has visited before so I didn’t want to take any chances posting this any earlier. 

Do you remember not to long ago I posted about painting Christmas balls?  Do you also remember I painted a bird on a Christmas ball?  Yes, I know you do!  My friend like most of us, loves birds too!  It is one of the things we share together, a simple love for birds.  She can quote you all of the bible scriptures relating to birds in a heart beat.  That’s not the only scriptures she is very familiar with by a long shot,  just one’s that she shares with her other bird loving friends.  Anyway, long store short, the bird I painted on the Christmas ball that you saw in this post here, was a test bird.  I knew I wanted to include something extra special in addition to the hanging ball bird seeds that I gave her.   I knew I wanted to paint a bird too, but I wasn’t exactly sure of what bird I would do until recently.

I was so inspired by Happier than a Pig in Mud’s post about Christmas symbolism’s and was totally thrilled to see a paragraph about the Red Breasted Robin.  You can see her post here, if you missed it.  When I saw this I had my answer on which bird to paint.   So today I finished up the details on both my test bird Christmas ball and my gifted bird Christmas ball and delivered.  I am now able to share them with you.  Here are both of my hand painted bird Christmas balls.

Here is my test bird.  You remember this one don’t you?  Kinda serious looking, like the Mr.

I added a branch of holly and berries since you have seen this last, after completing the second bird.

I also added the ribbon and filled the inside of the clear ball with faux moss such as a birds nest would be made of.

And here is the bird I painted for my friend.

It is a Red-breasted Robin.

Also sitting on a branch of holly and berries.

This ball is also filled with faux moss and tied off in a pretty striped bow.

I just totally adore how this bird turned out.  Isn’t is precious?  I think it was totally blessed because look at the photos of this bird again.  Did you notice each photo shows a glare from the ceiling lights that is in the shape of a star?  I surely did! 

Well, I couldn’t stop with just the painted ball and the bird seed.  I was so inspired by the symbolism of the Red Breasted Robin I had to include that as well.  So, I printed it off to include in a pretty font.

Cut it out and used my craft scissors to pretty it up a bit.

Then I packaged it all up, and delivered. 

The other bird, my test bird, claimed his place on my tree this year.

And is resting peacefully!

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How about you?  Have you made any handmade gifts this year?  Have you started delivering gifts yet?  I’m so excited, I get to go shopping with my BFF tomorrow.  We always have such a great time, and even though we still exchange gifts this is the best gift of all, our time together.  It’s almost time yall!  Hope you are about ready. 
Have a wonderful day!


11 thoughts on “Hand painted Ornaments

  1. OOps….your page froze up on me. But I got it to open completely!!! What a glorious decoration…hand painted ornaments…super.

    My Wednesday Link Do take time to stop by if you can. I also have a Christmas Day Gift Giveaway for you if you'd like to click on the very top button [Santa button] on my blog that'll direct you to another page, to view my gift,…sign up for your chance to win!!


  2. What a wonderful gift. I'm sure she will be delighted. I know I certainly would be. I haven't done too much in the way of crafts this year. I did fashion a new table centerpiece, but that was it. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings…Mary


  3. Hi Mary! Those ornaments look just beautiful and I know your friend was thrilled to receive such a lovely gift. I love the photo of it all wrapped up ready to deliver! I'm going to be working on some homemade mulling spices to deliver to friends and neighbors in the next week. All of you talented folks are inspiring me! 🙂
    Thanks so much for linking up to the party my friend!


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