Winter White Tablescape

Good Morning Ladies!  Boy am I glad I am an early riser!  This blogging business during the holidays is tough!  I can’t believe I almost missed a party, the White Christmas party to be exact.  You can check it out at the link above.  I had been thinking about what table scape I would do for Tablescape Thursday but hadn’t come up with one yet.  I didn’t want to use my Christmas china just yet, so I was pretty happy to find this party this morning.  Sorry, I am not on top of all these parties unless I get a personal invite or just stumble upon them as I did this morning.
Lucky for me I am quick, cause I’ve got to be out of here by 9:30am to pick up a friend for shopping.  Woohoo!  Since I now had a clear direction (make that a white direction) on my table scape I was good to go.  So I threw this one together this morning and on one cup of coffee too I might add.  I hope you like it!
Here it is!  My winter white table scape.
You are just gonna have to overlook the green votive candles, okay?  Can you believe I only own one white votive candle?  I will have to remedy that today.
Of course I knew I would pull out my new Lenox for this setting.  You knew that too right?
I just love it!  If you read this post all the way through I’m going to tell you a big surprise at the end you may not want to miss.
Christmas settings deserve the good silver too, don’t you think?
Clear crystal goblets and wine glasses were a must.
And thank goodness I polished my silver last month!
Silver and white…so pretty!
Of course since I’m using winter white, I had to bring in a touch of gold too!
How do like my centerpiece?
I think it’s simple and stylish.
Yes, this is where I really wish I had those white candles on hand yall.  Ughh!
My winter white birds made their way back to the table too, they just couldn’t resist.
Aim and shoot!  Not bad!  LOL!
And for the grand finale, I lit up the Christmas tree for my backdrop!
I love it!
Did you like my beautiful winter table scape?  I think it is easy to throw together a beautiful table scape when you have beautiful china to work with.  If you like this one you are going to love what I have coming soon.   I feel so blessed to have this china and am even more blessed then you can imagine.  Ladies, I have won 8 settings of Lenox china!  I am serious!
  Lenox is having giveaways all this month on Facebook.  All you have to do is post a picture of your favorite holiday setting ( I am assuming it needs to be Lenox, but not sure) on their facebook page and give it a name.  That’s what I did and they chose one of my pictures.  It is not a condition of my win to tell you this, I am just sharing the news so you can get on over there and add your beautiful photos too.  I know you will want to win some too!  Good luck!
Thank you so much for visiting me today!
I’ve really got to go now…shopping!!!
Happy Holidays!

33 thoughts on “Winter White Tablescape

  1. This is so beautiful! I am loving all the winter white from Kathleen party. I love the green with the white and your tree is so pretty. I am also really loving the music you have playing. I need to look for this arrangement of Where are you Christmas and see if I can get a copy. So nice to meet you through Kathleen party:>)


  2. Your table is just gorgeous, Mary! The silver and gold work so well with your pretty dishes and I love all of your silver {especially the silver plate pattern for your fork, knife and spoons}. Just lovely with your tree as a backdrop!



  3. Beautiful and I love how you could throw this together so quickly. Just what you have on hand! I do love your centerpiece, very pretty and simple. This table is inspiring. Congrats on winning some Lenox china! I don't have any so not sure I could enter the contest! I love your white dishes very much!


  4. Mary…how beautiful!! Your dining room looks so elegant. I could sure use your help. I have the hardest times setting a table. I love your tree, how exquisite. I adore your centerpiece, everything looks so lovely!! Well done!

    Happy Holidays! XOXO ~Liz


  5. Mary, your winter White table setting is absolutely gorgeous and love the center piece, even with the green candles. I think it gives just enough color to the table, which looks great, and of course green is my favorite color. Once again another great creation.


  6. That looks just lovely! I have the same cloth! Your silver is beautiful, and with the tree in the background it is perfect!
    Thanks for joining the White Christmas Party.
    Merry Christmas!


  7. You just “threw” it together, and it looks this beautiful?? You're good!

    I love those dishes, and you make me want to rid my table of all but the white, gold, and silver.


  8. Your dishes are simply gorgeous! Great setting. Thanx for stopping by and saying hi earlier! I wish I could find though chip boards in the $1 section!!:( I did though find those mini round frames there which made me happy! I am almost out now and need to go and see if they have anymore. I just love um. Happy Holidays!


  9. Wow, gorgeous! Love that flatware!! What is the pattern?? I still love your Lenox too. I “had” Lenox “Citation Gold” for my first wedding. My ex has it now. Oh well! Beautiful table!! Oh…I assume the chargers are really silver trays. I bought the first 8 as “chargers” but my mom started jut buying the trays to round it out to 16.


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