Sharing the Decor Party "Simply"

So sorry to be late to the party again!  Whew!  There is just so much bloggy fun out there to join in this time of year!  Ooouu, I am lovin it!  Do I sound like a McDonald’s commercial?  LOL!

Any who, I really did want to go to this party as I have had it on my sidebar for awhile now because I thought this one would be really fun.  Yesterday, I just couldn’t get it all together to “make it” on time but lucky for me, we bloggers are a lingering bunch.  So, I am happy I have finally made it to the Share Your Decor Party over at No Minimalist Here’s site.  What fun!

As if you have seen quite a bit from me already, I’ve taken advantage of this party to condense it for you and me!  Part of blogging for me is enjoying learning how to use all this fun photo shop stuff.  I haven’t “made” a collage in some time, so for this party I decided to have a little fun!
Yes ladies, this is my den!  As you can see it’s quite colorful and sweet!
My kitchen is just as sweet!  I used a candy theme in both my den and kitchen this year.
In the dining room it’s all about white, silver and gold.
Our upstairs foyer is filled with precious childhood mementos for my sons.  This is their space after all!
And here is a few odds and ends that you’ve already seen before.  The foyer, my Christmas gift projects, the snow village on the back porch and new wreath on the front porch.
I’ve still got plenty new photos to share next week from both of my front and back porch’s.
I hope you aren’t totally sick of it yet. 
Thanks for taking the time to visit and if you’ve got more time, be sure and visit the link above.  I am sure there will lots there to see and inspire you.
Have a great day, and Merry Christmas!

6 thoughts on “Sharing the Decor Party "Simply"

  1. I love how you did this Mary. I may do some mosaics for next week.

    We are iced in this morning and cancelled appointments, so I am finishing. I keep saying that I am finishing, maybe it will happen Christmas Eve!;-)

    I tweaked the Winter Greetings table, this morning and posted a picture at Lenox. Thanks so much for telling me about the contest. I would have never known. Congratulations on your win!


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