Our Holiday Lights

Hi All! I am very happy to share our front porch all decked out for Christmas.  I am joining the following parties; The Saturday Night Special and Seasonal Sundays. What can I say, I am just an old party gal this time of year!

Thanks also to my good friend over at Debbiedoo’s I’m adding a few fun enhanced photos from Picnik.  She shares the coolest things.  Really!  Thanks Debbie, I love this sight.   I finally found the time to work on this.   I was having the best time playing with these this morning when suddenly you guessed it our internet went down.  Luckily, I had already saved a few of them as it’s been down most of the day now and just came back up.  So this post will be a mixture of fun and standard photos.  I hope you enjoy!

I got such a kick out of making this one!  I love it!

Here’s the outside of our house all ready for Christmas.

 Funny how my decor looks rather skimpy in these photos.

 I really didn’t add much of anything new, just added some holiday touches.

You remember my wash stand on the front porch don’t you?

I just added greenery and pine cones to the iron window box.

And I gave my sassy Mr. Roo a new bow and bell.

He just loves to get a new bow each season and thinks he’s something now with bell too.
This arch was one of two I got at the thrift store awhile back.

Here on the other side of the front door is my bench and topiary stands.

This iron topiary received some greenery and pine cones too.

But I also added a bit of red berries I picked up from the Dollar Tree.  I am loving that store this year! 

On this topiary I just tied a bow and added another bell.

The new wreath I made is still holding together well.

I kept the old poinsettia garland I had above the door.

I decided it really doesn’t look too bad to me, and can make it through one more year.

I’ve always had burgundy bows and just redid these last year.  Now with the new wreath I may go with red, next year. 

A touch of greenery on the end of the railing.  Please excuse the bows, we have had some crazy wind storms lately and everything really took a beating, but at least they didn’t blow away.

I really hate the way the house looks with the wires from the lights all over it in the day time but it’s so worth it when it starts to get dark, because then it all comes alive.

Taking photos of Christmas lights is challenging for a novice like me but occasionally if your persistent, you get one that really works and then it’s all worth it!
Thanks for visiting!  I hope your having a great weekend!
I am done with my Christmas shopping now and am looking forward to a weeks worth of baking goodies and treats and time spent with my family. 
Merry Christmas Yall!


15 thoughts on “Our Holiday Lights

  1. Oh so pretty. I love your house in the first place and then with all the Christmas decor it is just gorgeous. Love the lights and yes, you have made some really fun pics. I hope you and your family have a Blessed Christmas. Enjoy the baking and your family. Hugs, Marty


  2. I think your front porch looks wonderful, and I love the way it looks all lit up at night. We don't put up lights. We just get our Christmas jollies by riding around looking at the wonderful lights from folks like you.

    So thanks for the virtual drive by!


  3. Mary…your home is just beautiful! Love the wreaths on the windows and the lights! I bet folks are slowing down as they pass to get a better look.
    Oh…and thanks for your comment on the Horchow post. Yep, you have definitely beeen doing it right all along…knife blade does face inward toward the plate. I've been so amazed how many books/articles conflict with each other…but the way you were placing it is the most common way I've seen.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  4. ~Hi Mary~
    WOW,your porch and home looks so…
    B E A U T I F U L!!! I love your wreath and Rooster. Y'all did a fabulous job on the exterior lights. Thanks for the wonderful tour and Happy Holidays! XOXO ~Liz


  5. Hi Mary,
    Your decorations look simply amazing!! I love the way you decorated the rooster, just too cute!!
    I'd certainly slow down as I drove by to ooh and aah over your home all aglow. :o) Just so pretty!
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas~
    The Tattered Tassel


  6. Your Christmas decorations are so pretty ! -The pictures at night are lovely -Your photography is starting to explode 🙂 getting fancy lol -That is my goal for the New Year to hone some skills on the camera .


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