My Top Finds and Projects 2010

Wow!  It’s hard to believe we are entering into a new year of blogging!  I haven’t quite reached my own one year mile marker yet, but what fun it is to look back at last years posts.  I started blogging last year with the completion of what I consider my number one project in 2010.

  I first posted this project on RMS and that is where I met my blogging friend and mentor, Debbiedoos, who suggested I consider blogging.  I am so glad I did!  The encouragement and inspiration I have received this year has helped me to complete many a project I would have either stalled on or put aside all together.  I really didn’t think I was going to have much to show you, but I surprised myself when I took a look back through my posts. So without further ado, let’s take a look at my besties!
This is my kitchen Island before repainting and adding bead board.

Here’s the after, almost completed.

And..here’s the back of the Island before paint and the addition of bead board.

And here’s the final completed backside of the Island.  I just smile every time I look at my island now.

Outside the house, I repainted our lights by the back door.

What a big “like new” change!

Does anyone remember this project?  I scored this Bakers rack for $8.00 at a yard sale.

And turned it into this with a can of black spray paint and the addition of corian counter tops that were left over from our kitchen counter remodel a few years ago.

Maybe you remember this lamp, that I almost totally ruined.

By adding too much glaze..

And turning it into this very ugly orangish color.  So ugly I had to take a break for several months and regroup before tackling it again.

Eventually I did revamped the lamp and I am now loving it again!

I know you also remember this crazy deal.  $3.00 at a yard sale scored me this very smoky smelling washstand.  Whew! It was bad, and scuffed up too.

But I persevered and my hard work paid off greatly and this still sits on my front porch welcoming our guests, without the smell I might add.

My very old kitchen chairs received another update as well.

I showed you how they have seen many coats of paint in their lifetime with us.

Then added one more layer of beauty to them by painting them black.

This small spare room upstairs that was used by my sons was converted to a craft and sewing room for me.

I even created my own paint color by mixing Ooops paints that I had on hand.

I mixed until I got the color I wanted.

And I this is how it turned out.  Then I started moving my furniture pieces in.

I took over an old bookshelf from one of my sons.

And painted it to fit the style of my room.

I also redid this old desk that we’ve had forever.

To be used as my sewing table.

I even replaced all the wooden knobs with brass ones I already had on hand after spray painting them with ORB.  I love it!

This little desk got a new look too.

And finally after seeing all of you wonderful crafter’s out there making things,  I made my very own tassel using things I already had on hand.

Isn’t he just so cute?

Well, that’s enough for now, Whew, what a year! I have been a very busy gal! 
I would like to thank to all of the following hosts for giving me a great chance to review my year and see what I have been up to.  That was fun!  Please be sure and take a minute to visit the following links to see many more interesting bloggers finest accomplishments at;
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I hope all of you have a great week and a Happy New Year!


18 thoughts on “My Top Finds and Projects 2010

  1. I am so impressed! You complete so many projects and did a wonderful job I might add! Thanks for joining JFF, I will have the link up tomorrow night! I think my fav (and really it is hard to choose) is the bakers rack, I have had that on my list all year and have yet to find a good one at a good price! hugs, Linda


  2. Wow, Mary, you have been busy. All of your furniture “redos” have been wonderful. At the risk of truly dating myself with an old saying, “I guess you can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.” Okay, moving on. Love the Halloween tassel, too. I've become a new follower because I can't wait to see what you do in 2011.


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