Happy New Year and 1 Resolution

Happy New Year Everyone!  Woohooo!!!!  2011!!! 
I am very happy to usher in a new year and feeling very optimistic this Morning too!  How about you? 
The photo above is from my New Years towels. I’ve had these for quite some time and they look brand new because they only come out for a very short time every year.  LOL! 
I bought these because we used to have New Years eve parties, maybe we will get back to that in the coming years.  As for this year it was just another quite evening at home and we were sleeping soundly when the ball dropped.  LOL!
I have decided to have only one resolution this year.  It’s a good one though.  What’s my one new years resolution?  Well…it isss tooo…
That’s right!  I’ve decided what I need is a major boost of busy.  I’m going to be pretty busy today, taking down Christmas decor and cooking.
I’ve already got a bit of an unexpected start on my Hoppin John.  I usually use canned black eyed peas but the local Walmart was out (they are always out of everything) so I had to buy dried beans.
They’ve been soaking all night and are about ready for the rest of the dish!  Whew!
Yesterday, the Mr. and I got a head start on getting busy and walked the dam on our lake.  We are going to do so again more often.  Hopefully I’ll bring my camera next time. 
I’ve got so many things in my life that I need to get busy on.  I am looking forward to the new year and a more active life!  Hopefully, I will have more interesting things to share with you this new year too.
How about you?  Any new years resolutions?  Come on!
Thanks for stopping by today, I hope your off to a great start for the new year too.  I am sooo glad you all are still around, I almost lost everyone with the name change.  Here’s a tip; if you change the name of your blog, don’t change the blogspot.com name too!  Duh! 
I really appreciate the friendships I’ve made this year and am looking forward to another wonderful year of sharing, caring and staring!!!  :)))

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year and 1 Resolution

  1. Happy New Year! I am thinking about changing my header title also but had decided to leave the blog address as is. Eat enough blackeye peas for me. I am sort of under the weather with a sinus headache, sneezing and coughing. Hope that doesn't last too much longer.


  2. Mary I am so glad you didn't lose everyone! I love your 'Get Busy' for 2011, mine is to 'Get Organized' and getting busy will help!!! I am watching the Rose Parade and then I will get busy taking down some Christmas decorations and cooking some pinto beans and ham (I don't do black eyed peas icky). Looking forward to 2011 and more fun with you and your blog!


  3. Thats a great resolution Mary..
    I need to get busy Cleaning things OUT.. Seems like no matter how much I give away or donate or toss, the things that are left give birth during the night and I wake to another day of TOO MUCH STUFF lol..
    I;m looking forward to pics of what you get busy doing…



  4. Cute cute towels! Asleep when the ball dropped… girl! I have to watch it every year. I just have to for it to be official!!! My resolutions are to lose the 20 lbs. that I try to lose every year. Focus more on my family and less time on the computer! Setting a good example for Jemma. Oh, and do decorate the rest of this house! I am tired of all cream walls! Happy New Year!!


  5. Happy New Year , Mary !
    Your blog make over is very nice:-) All your readers will find you once the excitement of the holidays slows down . The month of January is so full of hope -isn't it ? getting organized , cleaning, nesting and most importantly having the hope of losing 20 lbs !


  6. Hi Mary and Happy New Year to you too! Your resolution to 'get moving' is a good one and I need to do that too.
    Oh, no, I'm glad you didn't loose your blog as some of our bloggers have lost their entire blogs! Scary!! Everything looks very nice and thank you for coming over to see my headers!
    Give little Lacey a hug from Chloe Dawn and me. Our little black mini Schnauzers must stick together.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉


  7. I've never seen New Years towels but how fun are they?!?

    I like your resolution…

    Wishing you a 2011 filled with joy and grace and lots of adventures along with your 'busy'!


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