Repurposed Cards

Let me just start this post by saying…this was not my idea!  Did you get that?  I want to make sure I give credit where credit is due.  I saw this idea this very week at Inspired Nesting.  Please go by her post here, and let her know how much you like this idea if you do.  She really deserves all the appreciation!!!
As you might have guessed I was so excited about this idea, I just had to jump on it myself.  I jumped right on it because I am a classified card hoarder.  I keep old Christmas cards, Birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards..you name it..I’ve still got it!
 I now still have all my old cards but will be able to use them for future gifts.  Her idea was to turn your old cards into gift tags.  Isn’t that the smartest thing!  I certainly thought so!
Here’s a pile of my new Christmas tags!  Pretty awesome isn’t it?
Let’s take a closer look.  I decided to just use the images cut from the cards themselves as the complete tag. 
I spent some time deciding what image I wanted to use and the size and shape it would be.
Then simply cut it out using my regular and craft scissors.  Then punched holes in them with a holepuncher.
 I made sure that the images that I used did not have any writing on the back so they would be free for my own personalization’s.
I had just a few images that I really wanted to use that had some type of writing on the back, so I found other blank card areas to cut and paste on the backs of these.  Now I can write on them as well for gift giving.  Talk about recycling!
 I also had this box I saved from a previous years Christmas cards.  I stacked all my Christmas tags up and stored them in here!  Pretty cool huh?
Now as if that wasn’t enough, I then moved on to my stash of Mother’s Day, Birthday and Valentines cards.  Just look at all the cute tags I made from them.
I really enjoyed getting creative with this project.
I especially got excited when I was able to make several tags out of one card front.  I’m so easy to please!  LOL!
These I cut out and did not punch a whole in.  I might decide to use them differently then as a tag.  I don’t know what I might use them for yet, but they will be stashed with the tags for easy organization.
I am totally loving this idea.  Thank you and Thank you again, Inspired Nesting!  She really is one worth following yall, great inspiration!
I now have decluttered all those cards.  Well, at least the ones I remembered where I had them stashed.  And, I now have beautiful custom gift cards!
I am happy to be joining the following parties for this post.
Inspiration Friday
Oh and for inquiring minds who may want to know, here’s a bit of what I’ve been up to this week.
More Christmas and family time!  Yay!  My oldest son (on the right), the chef, finally made it home for a few days.  We celebrated Christmas with him by gathering together to open his presents.  Today I will be out and about helping him exchange those clothes that didn’t quite fit his style.  Oh well, I try! :))
As for my new blog name, thanks so much for all the compliments.  I really like my new name and am still contemplating how to officially change over.  I am investigating becoming a domain name and/or just creating a whole new blog that would link directly as the Decorative Dreamer.  That would require more effort on your part, unfortunately as you would need to re-follow.  I will keep you informed.
Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate the visits, always!

12 thoughts on “Repurposed Cards

  1. I'm crazy about your repurposing craft! It's right up my alley. I also think your sons are both cutie pies!

    I have some single daughters in Debbie Land. Just sayin'…

    I love your new name, and have to do a double take when it comes up on blogger to remember that it's you at first. I'm getting used to it. I've considered a change in blogland too so I'm watching you for inspiration in that area too. If you change domains or whatever, I'll follow again. I'm just a creepy follower like that.


  2. Oh, what a great idea. I've been de-Christmasy around here and was just looking at the little basket where I keep my Christmas cards! I may to do this too! 🙂
    I'll pop over the the other blog to look too.
    Happy New Year and be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉


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