A Few Bargain Buys and I’m Moving!!!

Hi All!  Boy, have I been a busy gal lately!  First and foremost, I have an announcement that requires a bit of effort from you.  After much thought, I have decided to start a new blog under the name of The Decorative Dreamer.  My efforts to switch this one over would require either purchasing a new domain name or changing it myself which would shut this one down.  I have decided to leave this one up to direct traffic over to my other blog and quite possibly continue to use this one to share more of my sailing life with you!

   Before you go though, I’ve got one last decor post to share here.  It’s meant to entice you to go over to the new blog after seeing this one, hopefully!

As I said, I’ve been a busy lady!  I went out and about and spent some of that Christmas cash that was burning a whole in my hand.  At least that’s what the Mr. always tells me.  LOL!  One of my stops yesterday was Michaels.  I have so many decorating ideas still, I just had to go there.
Here’s the stash!  This is what a little over $20.00 will buy you, well almost all of it, keep reading, to see more.
Just when I thought I was finished with the Christmas decor I couldn’t pass up these markdowns.  I looked at these large candle rings this year but held off, now I’m so glad I did. 
The two of these alone don’t hold much weight, but…
…combined together they are quite thick and lush.  Not bad for a few bucks each at 80% off.
I also purchased a few more smaller rings at 80% off too.  Each of these items was about $1.00 and some change.
These items were also 80% off and a few bucks each or $1.00 and change.  This is what I went in the store looking for.  I plan to use these soon.  Stay tuned for that over at The Decorative Dreamer later this week.
This was also 80% off and I just couldn’t help getting them, this purchase lead to a whole other store for more items to coordinate with this.  You’ll have to watch for these coming up soon on The Decorative Dreamer too!
And finally from Michaels, I also got these.  They were also 80% off and again only $1.00 and some change or close to $2.00 each for the larger trees.
They are pink!  I cannot wait to use these soon for a special post that will be coming up in the future on The Decorative Dreamer.
I also stopped by one of my favorite thrift stores and found a few more bargains.
This very solid and heavy weight milk glass vase was only .50 cents.  What a deal!  It’s fairly big too.  Would you believe I do not own a milk glass vase?  Well, I do now!
This dish I spotted the minute I walked in the door.  It was only $3.50.
Ha!  Fooled you! It came with the top too!  I just fell in love with the shape, color and size of this piece.  It is a handmade ceramic piece that is signed and dated 1967 on the bottom.  Whoever made it did an excellent job.  There are no chips scrapes or anything.  All I need to do is wash it.
Isn’t it just fabulous?  I think so!
Now for the best deal I have gotten in quite some time you are going to have to go on over to
The Decorative Dreamer now!  You will NOT want to miss that post. 
I know I am shamelessly advertising this change but I would really like you to follow me on over to new blog.  I would be ever so grateful!!!!
I don’t want to loose anyone at all, and this is the best way for me to make a change that I have really wanted to make.  Don’t worry I will have to refollow each of you too for you to show up on that blog roll too.  So, it’s quite a bit of work for me too.
Turns out I don’t have to refollow all of you.  Since creating a new blog I now have two blogs on my dashboard and everyone I was already following is still on my blog roll.  It is one and the same.  Yay!  But you still need to follow me for me to come up on your lists.  Thanks!
I thank everyone of you for your friendships and your comments always mean so much!
Be sure and check out many more great finds at
Now come on over and FOLLOW ME at

8 thoughts on “A Few Bargain Buys and I’m Moving!!!

  1. Mary I will follow you for sure! Look for me! Thanks for joining JFF. You really got some fabulous finds on mark downs. Gosh I love them! I didn't make it to Michael's after Christmas sales this year and now I wish I had for some of those gorgeous pink trees. Good job getting everyone to move to the new blog!! hugs, Linda


  2. Hi Mary
    I totally understand the work involved in moving. I am still working on my “new” blog.

    I had time for a little bit of after Christmas retail therapy, while we were at the lake last week and wrote about it, yesterday. Love those after Christmas bargains.

    You found some great things…absolutely love the covered dish. Of course it's in white, my favorite kind of dinnerware.


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