The Snow Queens Table

Calling all Snow Queens, you are cordially invited to a winter’s brunch. 
I’m offering a cool refreshing taste of blue and silver?
Would you prefer snowflakes or snowballs?
Thank you for joining me.   Shall I serve Burrrr…unch now?
Earlier this week I did a winter mantle vignette.  I was inspired to do this table scape after creating that vignette and with the arrival of snow here in SC.  You are welcome to go here to see that post.
    After deciding a theme and color scheme for my table, it all came together well, using the things I already had on display around the house. 
I hope you enjoyed my Winter Table this afternoon and will visit Tablescape Thursday for many more beautiful table scapes.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  Please leave me a comment if you do, I would love to hear from you. 

29 thoughts on “The Snow Queens Table

  1. Mary, what a pretty table! I adore your plates, and I spied that Francis I the second it rolled up. That's my MIL's and SIL's pattern, too. It is GORGEOUS. Loved all the details, too. You did a super job. What is that china pattern? It's so fresh and pretty.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday to you…


    Sheila 🙂


  2. How beautiful is that with that gorgeous snowy backdrop??? I'm envious of your beautiful snow,and I love your table. Those blue and vine dishes are something I would love to have in my collection. Love that tiered centerpiece too.

    And btw, I really DO love the new look of the new blog. It's so…. decorative and dreamy. Ha!


  3. I take both, snowballs and snowflakes!…love those blue(one of my favorite colors)dishes, this is fantastic.
    Thank you visiting LazyonLoblolly, and yes the cookbook(flat out dirt cheap cookin') is fun.


  4. Mary, this is gorgeous and your background is so lovely and goes so well with this Snow Queen table. I have thought of even doing one right on top of the snow! The pale blue and snowflakes just make it look like it is in the middle of the snow.

    What pretty plates. I love them and although they look fabulous in this table, they give me hope for spring too!


  5. Hi Mary,
    What a fun table and what an amazing view of the snow. We here in So Cal are always infatuated with snow, but it's a good thing we never get it, we can't even drive in the rain.
    Love the blues and snowflakes, your table is so pretty and definitely fit for a Snow Queen.


  6. Here you are! Congrats on the new blog and those fabulous Lennox dishes you won. Things are looking good for you in 2011!

    Well, except for all that snow. I know you folks love it so, but the only white I like to see in a landscape is plenty of white sand, lol.

    The table is so gorgeous that even this old beach gal would brave the cold for your burr…unch.

    Can't wait to see what you have in store for us, enjoy!


  7. I love table settings for two because, with just the two of us here now, I'm always looking for great ideas. Your table is just beautiful, and I love the outdoor setting. I love lots of light in the winter and being able to look out onto the snow while having a delicious, warming meal, is heaven. Those blue goblets are wonderful, and all of the little snowflakes on the table made me smile. Lovely post.


  8. Despite the cold, you set a very inviting table, Mary. Thanks for sharing your pretty tablescape. The view to the outside is lovely too. I'm a new follower and I look forward to reading more in the days to come. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Best to you,
    Lynn @ Cottage and Creek


  9. I love the monogrammed linen napkins and your beautiful table. To answer your question, I would rather make a snow ball. We love snow here in Upstate NY. It's great for our winter activities.


  10. OOO, this is really lovely. I love every bit of it but especially the flatware. It is breathtaking.
    Now, I am so cold after seeing all your snow, I have to go have another cup of hot coffee. 🙂


  11. What a beautiful table!! You must have been freezing doing it. I LOVE your blue jay! He is so pretty and unusual. I love all of the cardinals that are about, but this is the first blue jay I've seen. Your silver is gorgeous too!


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