Our Family Pets

I have two pretties here to share with you today for the pet party going on over at Debbiedoos!  I hope you will visit with them a bit and all the other fine pets attending the previous link.  
Their names are Misty and Patch!
They are two wonderful cats filled with exceptional and interesting personalities.  Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows exactly what I mean!  People who are not cat people tend to think of cats as being aloof and obtaining no character.  How sad for those that think that way, clearly you haven’t met my sweeties.   We have always been blessed with cats who have had great personalities and for the most part good dispositions, too. 

Misty and Patch came to us through their mother, Onyx, who showed up under our deck at our old house on a very cold and rainy morning.  Their mother was a kitten at the time, looked very poor in health and was crying very loudly.  We gathered her up brought her inside and nursed back into good health.  Before we could get her fixed, she was that young still, she turned up pregnant and gave birth to four kittens.  Onyx was solid black and gave birth to two white Siamese kittens with blue eyes and two brown short hairs.  I was there for the delivery and watched as out came one white kitten with a brown one, then another white one with another brown one.  We were quickly able to adopt out the white Siamese kittens and the little brown ones became my sons pets, we call them the twins as I am sure you can see why.

This is Patch. 
She is my oldest sons cat.  She was named Patch because of the Orange patch on the top of her head. 
  When my sons were younger they were very territorial over who’s cat was who’s and played with them accordingly.  Patch is a bit rough and tumble like my oldest son.
  She likes to be played with and endures heavy petting.
  She is the more vocal of the two.  She doesn’t mind letting us know when she is hungry or wants inside. 
 She has a way of using her paws to knock on the glass doors when she wants in.  She literally can tap so hard it cannot be ignored.  I am always joking about how she must have some of the most developed biceps around for such a small cat. 
 She is the tougher of the two but has been seen to back down should her sister decide she’s had enough.
  Since my cats are basically outdoor cats,  Patch likes to bring us treats and leave them at our doorstep.  It is gross I know, but she is offering us these as a token of her appreciation.

This is Misty! 
 Misty is the sweet and gentle one.  Literally!
  She is always very calm in her demeanor and even has the sweetest gentle meow.  She is the eptiome of a female. 
 When Misty was young she used to like to climb on top of the Garage door when it was open in our old house.  One morning she had been up there when I left to take the boys to school.  I came home to find two of my neighbors standing in my driveway trying to comfort the howling cat that was stuck in between the top of my garage door and my house that I had closed when I left.  I didn’t know she was there and she got stuck.  All you could see what her tail and hind legs hanging out.  When I pulled in and saw them then her I immediately panicked and hit the opener in my car and she fell as soon as the space opened up and my neighbor caught her.  I rushed her to the animal vet where they x rayed her, gave her steriods for pain and kept her overnight.  She was fine as she had wedged herself  into a place where cats can flaten out right above their hind legs. 
 She cried tears all the way there in the front seat with me but never howled.  I prayed and promised her she would be okay and she has been such a blessing ever since.
  She is a miracle to us and usually is always so calm and sweet.  Sweet until she catches her pray outside like a lioness, quick and swift.
  She can also set her sister straight with one swoop of the arm when she tires of listening to her.  Even though she is the sweeter one of the two she tends to act more like the mother of two of them.  She has often been seen cleaning and tending to her sister  as well as my youngest son, her boy!

My cats are outdoor cats that get to come inside when they sneak in, the weather forces them inside or they bang on the door long enough to wear us down and give in.
  They have been spending a lot of time inside with us lately!  The snow photos shown here were taken last February, they didn’t even want to go out this year.  I hope you have enjoyed the story of our precious furry family members and a few photos too.
  My youngest son was recently able to catch Misty on film while drinking water.  She has always drank her water this way and is Oh, so feminine.
  I’d like to leave you with this short clip of our Misty, hope you enjoy!
Thanks for visiting!

18 thoughts on “Our Family Pets

  1. OK Misty is a trip…that was so cute Mary. Patch has some stunning eyes. I seriously had not clue you had cats…I am not sure why I never knew that. Well I am so glad you shared them and your very special story. I have grown to love cats because my Mom and sis are cat lovers…very special indeed.


  2. thanks for stopping by, they certainly do look like twins i don't know how you can tell them apart except for there personalities. I have one cat that drinks like that if she wants milk from a deep glass, but it sure seems like a lot of work for a drink of water LOL!



  3. Misty drinking her water is hilarious!!!! So she always drinks it like that? So funny!!!! Cats definitely have their own unique personalities! I love them. I always had a cat and a dog growing up and miss have a cat now. My husband is highly allergic. He always says that I am the only “Kat” that doesn't make him sneeze! I love your two beauties!


  4. Arent' cats amazing? I'm a huge cat lover, and I have had many over the years. My first two cats, though, were named Bryant and Henry and look just like Misty and Patch! Bryant turned out to be a girl, and she had a couple of litters (three kittens in each). Then years They were supposed to be barn cats, but Bryant was my baby and preferred human companionship.

    I can't believe how Misty drinks water! That is so cute. I've seen cats drink out of the faucet, but I've never seen this. They are all so unique and fun. This just proves it!


    Sheila 🙂


  5. Awww how adorable! Our cats have the same personalities. They are brother and sister as well and she is like the Momma. Thanks for sharing a part of your family with all of us.

    Have a wonderful day,


  6. Hi Mary,
    What adorable cats you have. The video of Misty was *so* darn cute, love it! Thanks for sharing! XOXO ~Liz

    P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment on my topiary post. *smile*


  7. That video was so cute! You know I didnt even post about our kitty. I feel bad now.lol His name is kenneth aka kenny. He is Mr.Fancy pants and doesnt want anyone holding him. Your kitties are so cute and I bet they love one another and stick close together.


  8. What's cute about this post? Everything! I love the video, I've never seen a cat do that before, so funny.

    I have to tell you about my sister's cat though. When we lived at the beach, he would wander the neighborhood, sneaking into garages and the”treats” he would bring home were used paint brushes! Any time someone couldn't find their paint brush they came to our house, it was so funny.

    Cats are such characters and so entertaining and that's just how I feel about yours.


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