My Colorful Back Deck

I have been working on freshening up the back deck for a few weeks now.  We still have tons to do and hopefully will be doing quite a few big fix ups and repairs later this summer but for now I’ve just been in cosmetic mode.
  The Mr. is basically unavailable to work on things around here due to his work schedule right now.  He is working 6 days a week with only Saturdays off.  This schedule should end in about another 3 or 4 weeks but until then, all our bigger projects will have to wait.  No worries, this is part of his job and happens every year and half, and we are used to it.  He used to get NO days off during these, so we are very thankful for our Saturdays and have been spending those on the water.
Soon we will tear down the old platform where the hot tub used to be.  We are going to build large steps here out to the yard that look similar to the ones above.  The temp steps were built to test out if we really want more steps here…we do and they will be large and open.  We also need to redo all the railings as they are the originals from when we bought the house and are in very bad shape.  I’m really looking forward to that since I’ve never liked how skinny these railings were anyway.  LOL!  Busy times ahead here.
But let’s look at a few of my cosmetic updates as promised…
One big change was I moved away all the pots that were cluttering up the edge of the deck.  I really like a more cleaner look when looking out to the back yard.
I decided it was a nicer look to group more of the pots together with various plants and flowers rather then having so many here and there.
I just got this flowering plant on Sunday and need to actually plant it in the pot but this is where it is going.
Out in the yard, I’ve tried to create a few appealing visuals.
An old pot looks great next to one of our old bird baths, that I see needs more water.  Ooops!   Remember my yard is woodsy and worn now okay?  Not manicured and perfect.  LOL!
I have so much shade and love my ferns.
As you can see I like them everywhere!
My beach umbrella is back out to add more shade around the table with a fun splash of color!
I also got these two gorgeous hanging baskets on clearance from Lowe’s because they said they were dying.  What?  I don’t see any dying going on here do you?  They are called confetti baskets because of the multi colors of flowers.
I love the multi colors since they compliment my umbrella.  I thought they would be perfect.
Well that’s a little bit more of what I’ve been up to outside. 
Right now I am sitting inside with a terrible chest cold.  I haven’t been this sick in so long and am really frustrated to have gotten this because it is so beautiful outside.  My throat and chest are so sore from all the congestion.  I hope I can get this thing out of here fast!
So for now, it’s resting and computing!
Thanks for stopping by to Take a Look.
Have a great day!

11 thoughts on “My Colorful Back Deck

  1. Hey friend you've been busy and everything looks fantastic,and so inviting and comfortable,I could sit out there for hours and just feast my eye's.


  2. Seems like everyone around here is getting colds too and they are BAD. Two of the people at my Bible study this morning had them, including my pastor. He said he slept 4 hours yesterday afternoon! I don't want it!! NOPE!! My daughter's kids are sick with colds too!

    Love the flowers that were dying!


  3. I hope your chest cold goes away in no time. My younger daughter called me from school and was sick with a spring cold too. Pretty yukky to have the week of finals.

    I love all the vivid color on your deck. I've been looking at mine and want to update it. It needs a new festive umbrella like yours.

    And great comeback on the hanging plants!


  4. Beautifully done, Mary! Love the cluster florals around the fountain. Your decking is wonderful!

    Hope you get to feeling better quickly …
    Happy Mother's Day
    Have a beautiful eve ~
    TTFN ~


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