Storage solutions or issues?

Hi Everyone!  What a beautiful day for a party, wouldn’t you say?  I surely would.  I am attending a very special online party at The Tablescapers today.  It’s called, the Where Do You Keep It All Party.  It’s fun to attend a few special parties every now and then and I’m happy I was able to make this one.

My storage issue is not nearly as massive as some of the other table scapers but then again I’ve only been tablescaping for about a year now.  I have collected a few dishes over the years and when you add all the new pieces I’ve acquired it really has taken some create shuffling.  Here’s a peek into my cabinets and cupboards to see how I currently store it all.

In our kitchen we have a built in china cabinet.  I am sooo glad we do!

This is where I store a good bit of my dishes.

Above the dishes I store candle holders and some silver on the very top.

Underneath is where I store extra flatware and other serving pieces.

It’s kinda  messy, glad there are solid door down below.

Vases and compotes. Did I say that correctly? 

More cabinets hold more dishes…

…and a lot of drink ware.

I did say a lot of drinkware didn’t I?  This is really become one of my biggest storage issues.  It is not easy to carefully store so much glassware.

The special decorative small linens drawer.

A napkins drawer.

More drawers to hold candle holders,

and small candles.


I have even more candles and decorative paper napkins in the pantry.

Above the refrigerator are a few more serving pieces.

I know, what a mess right? 

For a more decorative look I added this desk in my kitchen this year to hold additional small plates.

Love this!

Another more decorative idea was to add this stand to hold napkins in my dining room.  I really love this and would like to add a second one to balance out the room on the other side.

This cabinet holds quite a bit more of the tablescaping necessities.

Like multiple napkin rings and silver serving pieces.

Decorative serve ware.  Please pardon the wall sconces. I moved furniture around and took them off the wall and now I need to put them back on the wall. 

More messy looking cabinets with pieces stacked one on top of another.

Last year I added a new to me china cabinet.

On the bottom shelves I have a few more serving pieces and extra china.  This cabinet is limited on storage due to the size and shape of the shelves.

But I am happy with the way it displays my newest china.

I know you’ve seen quite a bit and are thinking I have to be through already but hang in there!   I’ve got just a few more spaces to share.  This is where I had to get a little creative.
Finding space wherever you can is a must.  In our extra bathroom upstairs was this great big storage cabinet.
It now holds extra blankets, table cloths, runners and sheets.  Pretty odd huh?
And our antique secretary now in the den, continues to hold my crystal.
Whew!  Looks like it needs a little dusting! 
Well, that’s where I’ve piled everything so far.  Good news is I still have plenty of space in the basement that I could use should I ever need too.  LOL!  Just kidding!
At least I hope I am!
Thanks for joining me on this very clutter revealing tour.  It takes a lot of stuff to create tablescapes.  Be forewarned creative tablescaping also requires creative storage solutions or issues?
Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


16 thoughts on “Storage solutions or issues?

  1. Fabulous!.., It's so much fun seeing all of the innovative and pretty ways that you have stored your dishes,glassware,table ware accessories, etc.

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee


  2. Oaky, so the next time my friends and family tell me I have too much “stuff” I'm sending them over to read this post!!!!!!

    I'm an amateur compared to all you tablescappers!


  3. Oh, I feel quite sure that your basement will be pressed into service at some point. You have done a great job of organizing all of your lovely things. Thanks for sharing your solutions and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay


  4. Your “new” china cabinet looks great with your new dishes! I also recognize a few pieces in your cabinets that appear to have a twin in mine. So glad you have a built-in in your kitchen, too. Aren't they a dish-collector's dream?!!!


  5. Looks like you have a lot of wonderful places to store all your beautiful dishes and things we need to go with them. Enjoy your much deserved vacation…stay cool and take lots of pictures to share with us. Thank you for swinging by to see the screen door and my small collection. hugs ~lynne~


  6. You've got some wonderous storage places. I particularly like how you store your new china. Lucky for you to have your basement in reserve.

    Thank you so much for being part of my party!

    – The Tablescaper


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