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Popular Pins and Repins!

I am still loving this pinning thing, how about you?  I didn’t get to pin as much this week but am hoping to sneek in a little more time this weekend. 

 What I love about pinning is having so many wonderful ideas and visions right at your fingertips that you don’t necessarily have to do anything with.  Does that seem crazy to you?  It kinda does to me too, but honestly most of what I love about decor blogging is just getting to see so many wonderful things.  It’s that same way with pinning minus reading the blog and commenting and so forth.  It’s what I think of as no pressure peeking.  LOL!

Anyway, I just wanted to show you a few things that I pinned that were very popular this week.  I am showing you this because I think it’s really cool to see what captures peoples attention the most.  If you are pinning too and have your email set up to receive alerts on your pins then I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about.  It’s fun when you get to see a pin that seems to have gone viral.  

People must obviously be looking forward to the holidays already because two of my most popular repins are for Christmas decor.

Here’s the pin that I think of having gone viral.  I am still constantly getting so many repins of this image from my board that I labeled window boxes.  I found this image on google after searching window boxes.   I love this idea and enjoyed my visit to the blog that this photo links too.  I really hope I can do a window box similar to this  during the holidays.  This is one pin I hope to recreate. 

This is the other Christmas repin that was very popular last week.  I repinned this, off of someone else and then immediately had several who repinned it off of me.  I love this idea and was not surprised when I saw that the link it originally came from was a blog that I already enjoy following too.  I feel sure I may try to recreate this image for the holidays because I already have all the elements.

And my final most popular repin is this beautiful Mermaid sculpture.  I would really love to find a beautiful Mermaid to use as a water feature for our new pool.  But it has to be within our budget which is not very much right now with all the other necessities that must come first after putting in the pool.  However a gal can dream can’t she?

I found this image by googling Mermaids, then pinned it to my board labeled Sculptures.  This image is a dream and one that I most likely will not get to use but I just love it!  Apparently, so do many others out there.  Isn’t there just something so magical about Mermaids?

Well that’s what’s pinning around here?  What about you? 
Has anyone started a repin linky party yet?  That would be fun!

  My prayers are with all of you who live up and down the eastern coastline.  I am in SC and feel so blessed that it looks like we may dodge hurricane Irene.  I am sure though that I speak for many when I say, we here in SC will be praying for all of you.  Take Care!

Have a great weekend!


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