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It’s Fall By The Pool Tablescape

It seems Fall arrived rather suddenly over the Labor Day weekend here.  It was ushered in by a few tropical storms that blew several dead leaves all over our newly planted back yard and into the pool.  The winds were so strong they almost blew some of our older furniture right into the pool as well.  Whew, it was quite a close call!  I am very thankful that we got the sod done just before the storms came in or that would have been a mess.  Then we were blessed again when next we had a wonderful day of much needed and timely rain.

I am celebrating the transition of fall with my first official outdoor tablescape by the pool on a table.  LOL! I am sure this is going to be one of many to come.  I hope you enjoy it!

I decided not to use an umbrella as we are starting to cool down more and I now have more shade in this area.
I thought it would be neat to pull out one of my plaid tablecloths too, nothing says fall like plaid right?  I use this one at Christmas but thought it would also look great with all my serving pieces today too.

How do you like the centerpiece?
First, I knew I wanted to use this basket I have been storing my wine corks in.  I purchased this on clearance from Hobby Lobby this past winter.  I don’t know why exactly but for some reason I also associate fall with wine. Silly huh?
Then I knew I would need to also use a bottle of wine to add to the centerpiece.  That’s what you call a useful centerpiece.  I’m sure the Mr. would be pretty proud of me for that.  Ha ha!
And because I thought it needed just a little something extra I added this little arrangement that I made last fall.  The little pitcher was also another Hobby Lobby clearance find that I added flowers too.

Now let’s take a closer look at the dishes.
The green and terracotta stoneware is called Casa Verde purchased from Piggly Wiggly many years ago.
The square melamine dessert plates are from World Market purchased on clearance this year.  
I can’t believe it’s time to pull out my fall napkins purchased from Walmart last year, end of season of course.
I decided to combine them with these pearlescent napkin rings I got from the Lenox outlet because I think it complements the purple in the dishes.
The glasses were an agonizing choice for me this time because I really wanted to use one of the green sets I have. But, I just could not overlook how appropriate the iridescent blue goblets looked yet again!  They seemed to pick up on the blue and purple and greens and almost had a purplish grey look to me.   What do you think?  Good choice?

Well I’m glad you thought the glasses were a good choice because here’s the bad choice in all it’s photographic glory!  Do you see it?  I got in such a hurry as I usually do and set all the place settings wrong!   I always mix up my forks yall!  I do not know why it is so hard for me to remember this.  I even know in my head that logically you would use the smaller one for a salad first but question whether you work your way out on utensils or in.  Mercy my manners!  I really need some other type of rhyme or something to help me keep it straight.  Should have pulled out my cheat book today.  Sorry!

Well, there it is!  
 The first official “by the pool tablescape” at our table and my first “fall tablescape” this year too.
Thanks so much for stopping by, be sure and visit the link below for more beautiful tablescapes
 that are full of inspiration at;

Have a great day and great weekend!

9 thoughts on “It’s Fall By The Pool Tablescape

  1. You have just given me a “eureka” moment. The perfect way to bring autumn in without the dark colors is just to use plaid. You're right that does say fall.

    And good choice on the stemware.
    And I'm laughing about the flatware. I even tried to think up a rhyme for you, but I came up empty.

    It's lovely, and just the right amount of FALL.


  2. Mary, your tablescape is great…what a beautiful backyard. The perfect spot to be on a sunny day. Don't you just love those end of season sales…I struck a really good one on the weekend. Thanks for stopping by Take Six. Have a super weekend.


  3. Oh, I love the table and love the outdoor setting. Your plaid cloth just pulls it all together…and hey…I used the same flatware in my table tonight! 😉 It's fun to see it in different settings.



  4. Fall DOES somehow seem to signal the start of fall, doesn't it? I guess because grapes are in full flavor and ready for fermentation. I love colllecting wine corks, and it ticks me off that the wineries are talking about deep-sixing cork altogether. You did a great job on your tablescape!


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