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A Witch’s Brew Tablescape

Welcome to Miss Abigail’s table! 

She has been quite busy conjuring up just the right mix for her brew. 

 Be forewarned my friends!  Miss Abby may look like a sweet little old lady, but don’t be fooled!

  She hasn’t just dabbled on the dark side, Oh No!  She is quite well versed in the ways of witchery!

She knows what it takes to serve a tasty treat for her crafty friends!   I’ve heard she is not yet satisfied with her brew and so has decided to cast a spell for the final ingredients.  Oh My!!!

What could it be, do you see anything missing?  Let’s take a closer look!

Hmmm???  I see creepy crawly spiders that are sure to put a spin on things….

…..and dirty rats to get rid of all those clean thoughts….

….and she’s even added a few bats to keep you hanging around!

Looks like she has added a few black birds who can’t be trusted.  Remember, they are known for stealing you know!

A touch of crow for humility maybe? Hmm???

Shakers filled with the dust from a witch’s boot for spicing things up a bit.

Why she’s even laid out the silver goblets….

…..for savoring all that bad blood she is serving!

So what could it be?  What am I missing here?

I see she’s set a place setting for her most mysterious friend the night owl!

And there’s a setting for old Jack-O-lantern too, the grinning fool!

Looks like she planning to entertain a spooky friend as well.

Oh!  This has to be her own place setting!  So what’s the problem right?

Oh No!  I think I see it now.  Where are our place settings, weren’t we invited too?

Look closely at her brew!  Everyone know’s you can’t have a good witches brew without a few eyeballs.  Seems Miss Abigail has looked high and low, but could not find them anywhere!

Quick!  Turn your eyes away now!

That wicked old witch has cast a spell and plans to steal your eyes!
 That’s why she is 
 attending BNOTP for 

Happy Halloween!


19 thoughts on “A Witch’s Brew Tablescape

  1. Ack! My eyes! My eyes!

    LOL, I actually DID look closely at the brew for eyeballs. I'm obviously too tired to party tonight.

    I love your table, and it was worth the wait. You thought of everything. I love those witch's hat salt and pepper shakers the most. So cute!


  2. Even though I saw this earlier, I am back on the tour train tonight for another look-see. Those little boots are just as cute as can be! And those little square plates are darling. Cute. Cute. Cute.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday to you…


    Sheila 🙂


  3. Your table is adorable, Mary. It is so creative of you to put it together. You are right about antique prices in Charleston but it was fun to browse. Let me know if you ever come to our area!


  4. Mary that is the cutest table!!! I love those little plates and the s and p shakers are too cute! And you have enhanced it with your description! Thanks for stopping by:-) I hope you are doing well!


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