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Three Trees and Counting!

It’s the most wonder..ful time, it’s the most wonderful time…, the most wonderful time… of…. the year!
You could say I’ve been just a tad busy lately!  It’s been one crazy season so far but I’ve managed to deck three trees already.  I’ve still got 2 more to go but thought I’d share the ones that I’ve finished.  I shared some of these photos with my facebook friends already because I was so excited Sunday.  So for those of you who have already seen this, sorry but this is as far as I’ve gotten still.
Tree No.1 – The Den
This is the first photo I took on Sunday, after I finished.
 I was trying to go a little more rustic on the tree in my den this year.
Here’s the tree again this morning after readjusting my stars on top that had slipped down into the bow.
They are hand forged copper that I purchased from a craftsman in Charleston several years ago. I put the three of them together myself to use as a tree topper.  I finally found just the right ribbon to use this year too.  Not only is it houndstooth, but actually feels like wool as well.
Quite different from last years tree, huh?
Tree No.2 – The Dining Room 
Again, here is the tree on Sunday after first finishing it.
This is my white, gold and silver tree.
And my very old special angel who has been with me for so long!
Here it is this morning from a different angle.  Please overlook all the other fall junk still sitting around yall.   I am so pressed for time lately that my house is still a mess, but at least I have a few trees up!
I wanted to also show you a few snaps of this tree without the lights on.  
You can see a few of my Lenox ornaments in this photo.  I’ve collected them ever since my husband and I got married.  The intertwined rings in the bottom of this photo is my first Lenox ornament and they are dated too.  These ornaments are what inspired me to do a white tree that has evolved into a white, silver and gold tree.  
With the lights on it really sparkles!
Tree No.3 – The Kitchen
 I had the most fun with this tree.  I previously have only done a small tree in here but decided to go large this year.  I just bought a very inexpensive tree from Target.   Since I knew it would be covered with ornaments I wasn’t nearly as concerned about the quality of the tree as I was the size.  
How do you like the crazy topper I made?  My husband said, it reminds him of a Dr. Suess tree.
Do you remember these guys?  I was so excited to get them out and put them on this little red ladder I found at a thrift store this summer.  The Mr. came in later and said, no, that is not going to work.  I was crushed and asked why?  He said because they are not thing 1 and thing 2.  LOL!
All of my newest candy ornaments and ribbon from last year went on this tree along with my old elves and a few other whimsical ornaments.
I think this is quite a magical tree!
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my trees!
I hope to find some time for visiting many of you tonight.  See ya soon!
Have a great day everyone!  


15 thoughts on “Three Trees and Counting!

  1. Those are gorgeous!!!! I love the simplicity of the den one, but the dining room is just lovely and elegant. The kid/teacher in me is crazy about the kitchen one! I love all the whimsy and color! I haven't done really anything but put one tree up. Literally… it doesn't even have anything on it! I am getting into it though today!!! Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!!!


  2. Three trees up and decorated? You have been busy, Mary! I haven't taken one Christmas bin out yet. Hoping to do that this week. I have no idea what I'm doing this year, other than a large, live tree in the family room. My daughter wants one, otherwise we'd just have a smaller tree in the living room.


  3. They are all wonderful, Mary! I think my favorite is the kitchen tree, but I'm a woman so I'm prone to change my mind…

    I love the way you top your trees. All so lovely.


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