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Preparing For The Big Guy

We have been very busy this week at work preparing for one of our biggest 14 hour sales of the year and preparing for the Big Guy. When the head CEO of the company, Mr. Stein himself decides to drop in for a visit there is always a flurry of activity.  Kinda like Christmas huh?  Which leads me to my next question, are you ready for the big guy?

Wait!  This Big Guy is definitely fun to get ready for and one of my favorites but this isn’t whom I am referring too.

Here’s the one I’m talking about!  The biggest “Big Guy” of them all.  Lord of Lords!  Emmanuel!

I can’t believe in my efforts to keep my decorating simple this year I almost considered not pulling out my manger scene this year.  Can you believe that?  Tell me about it!  
There is a bright star that shines directly into my bedroom window this time of year at night.  Every so often I will awaken from being unable to sleep and see that star.  It is a very comforting light that reminds me of what it is that I believe in.

I purchased this star globe from a Christmas around the World party many years ago.  It is sitting on my Fitz and Floyd candle holder.  I just love how the light reflects stars on the wall.  Pretty cool, huh?

Last year was the first year I decided to add the gauze cloth and small green trees wrapped in burlap.  I realize it’s not even close to a manger, but for some reason just feels very right to me.
I really enjoy looking at the expressions of “awe” on my figures.  Can you imagine what deep thoughts of wonder these earliest followers of Christ must have experienced? 

Thank you Jesus!
Thank you Jesus for being the true “Reason for the Season”! 

Thank you Lord for all those people and all those gentle reminders in our lives that there is so much more to prepare for then what we see here on earth. 

Sharing God’s blessing of hope for each of you this season!


5 thoughts on “Preparing For The Big Guy

  1. Your nativity is so beautiful and I love the gauze cloth you set it on. My mom used to say that the manger scene was the most important thing to set out~ even more important than the Christmas tree. I always loved setting it up as a kid. I still need to find a special place for mine this year.


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