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My New Everyday Mantle Decor

Yay! I finally finished up a little project I’ve been working on.  It’s just an itty bitty thing, but it’s one of those things that I’ve been wanting to complete since taking down all the Christmas decor from my mantle.

Here’s how my mantle has looked for the past several weeks.  Leaves a lot to be desired, doesn’t it?  I just haven’t really felt like doing much holiday mantle decorating this year.   But I have been very interested in finding an everyday look for the mantle.  

The first thing I knew I wanted was to replace a wreath back on the mirror.  I like the way the one I had there during Christmas looked and so I decided to replace it.  I was very excited when I found this faux Moss wreath at Carolina Pottery.

I knew it would make the perfect starting point for the wreath I wanted to make.

I have wanted a Boxwood wreath for sometime but have not wanted to pay what they cost premade.  So last week when I found these branches on sale at Hobby Lobby for half off I was thrilled.

 I got out my hot glue gun and a few wire tacks and I was good to go.

It was a bit of a challenge as my hot glue was so hot it would melt the stems I was trying to glue down.

Finally after using more of my metal floral picks I was almost done.  Oh, and there’s the cute little harlequin napkin holder I picked up on sale last week from my shopping trip to Hobby Lobby.  

 Then it was time to hang it on the mirror.

I am sure it could use alot more greenery but it’s enough for me.   For now, I’d like to show you the rest of the mantle decor.

 Did you figure out what this item to the left is yet?

 Yep!  It’s a mantle clock I found at Hobby Lobby too.  Isn’t it cute?  I just loved how it had that shabby look and best of all was on the clearance isle.  They have the best markdown deals, don’t they!

I still need to add a battery to the little clock, so for now it’s perpetually 10:05.  LOL!

And the green ceramic pieces I showed you bits of were vases.
 I found two of them also on the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby.

Then I filled them with this simple grass greenery that was also on sale when I was there.
I almost didn’t buy them because I realized when I got to the counter they were not actually the same size.  I was so bummed out but decided to try them anyway.
I am glad I did because I have been able to successfully use vintage books to balance out the height of each of them.

Are you ready to see a full reveal of the mantle?
Here it is!  I am pretty pleased with it so far.  I am sure the lanterns and plates will most likely disappear in the summer to lighten things up but I am loving them here for now.
 Please ignore the little white dots on the wall behind my floral arrangements.  I still need to repaint the walls from where I had the sconces hung and patched.  Ooops!

 It sure feels good to have a look I can live with for awhile on here again instead of a big empty space.

Thanks for visiting my living room today and for taking a peek at my new everyday fireplace mantle decor.  

I am joining BNOTP for Metamorphosis Monday today.
Sometimes change is good!

Have a great week everyone!


20 thoughts on “My New Everyday Mantle Decor

  1. Mary,
    I love what you've done with the mantle! Many times we get caught up in Seasonal and Holiday decorating. Yours is a perfect “everyday life” decor showcased here! Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comment and visit today. Please visit again soon…something is always changing On Crooked Creek!


  2. I'm trying my best to work on an every day mantel too. Yours is the style I like, and I think it's lovely. The wreath is my favorite part. BEAUTIFUL! I've been wanting one too. I need to see if boxwood is on sale at my HL.


  3. Glad you like it Debbie! I thought of you when I saw it because I remembered you had one, even the way it is painted reminds me so much of you too. 🙂 Do you think Hobby Lobby is copying you? LOL! I didn't know I wanted one until I saw it, and it made sense to balance out the mantle and made me smile. Isn't it neat how our inspiration can be tucked away in our brains and resurface much later. That's what you provide,thanks so much!


  4. All greenery was on sale, half off last week. I noticed at ours that the quantity of boxwood greenery like I bought was very low. I got the boxwood that is darker green mixed with a lighter green, there is a more solid lighter green available too. In fact I bought the two last bunches. I hope they restock this! It was only $9.99 each so basically I got two for $9.99. It's long enough to loop around a good bit of the wreath but I would have liked to have had more to do the sides as well. If I see anymore I will definitely buy it again. Good luck with making yours!


  5. I love the way your mantel looks, Mary! Love, Love, the wreath you made! Such a great idea to just make your own boxwood wreath and it looks great on the mirror. What a great clock! I haven't seen anything that nice in the clearance aisle of my Hobby Lobby ~ they seem to have a lot of frames and monogram things. I have gotten a couple of the frames though and am using them on my mantel. Love that napkin holder in the background, too.


  6. Hi Mary! Oh, your mantel looks gorgeous and your wreath! I love it and now I've got to try and make one too! Your living room is so pretty. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉


  7. Hi! Great idea for the boxwood wreaths! Now on my to-do list! Also, saw your “Lake Home” blog…love it! Our lake home is a 1969 Nautaline Houseboat…love being on the water! Will continue to follow you!
    Maggie @


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