screened porch

82 Degrees Today????

 Can you see it?
Enjoying a little breakfast treat on the porch early this AM and it is already 65 degrees while I am taking this photo.  We love our crazy South Carolina weather!

Okay, I know you see it now, just look at all that warm sunshine!  Weather man says we can expect to top out at 82 today.  Hard to believe, unless you step outside this morning.

  I am enjoying it as much as I can before heading in for another late day at work.  Hope you get to enjoy a beautiful day too wherever you are!  Have a good one!

8 thoughts on “82 Degrees Today????

  1. Enjoy this beautiful day!!!! 82…that's marvelous! That's shorts and T-shirt weather in February….can you believe it??!?!?!! Only in the 50s here in the Kansas City area today, but we'll take it! Yesterday was in the 60s. We're livin' the life! 🙂


  2. It's alot warmer here to in PA. but not 82, it is sunny too like it was yesterday, loven it!
    I love the color of your outside table and I'm so going to do that with mine this spring, fell in love with it last year when you showed it on a post!


  3. Beautiful and your breakfast looked yummy! Our weather here today is gorgeous too and I just had my p.m. coffee on the screened-in porch. Hope you have a wonderful day at work, Gail


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