Decluttering the Back Porch

It’s been awhile now since I’ve cleaned off the back porch.  I just remembered I haven’t yet shown you that yet.  I have another project outside on the deck I’ve been working on but am still tweaking it.  So, I thought I’d show you my simplified back porch living first instead.

You’ve already seen the bakers rack all decorated for spring.  It still pretty much looks the same.

Here’s a longer shot of the side wall on the screened porch. 
Not much going on over here other then a shelf to hold a few of my gardening favorites.
On the opposite side I’ve moved my table to a corner and added my old wicker chairs.

You’ve seen my old iron table that I painted last year.  I am still loving the blue!  I just need the Mr. to move my hanging candle chandelier over to this corner now above the table.
I had more furniture on this porch which has now moved outside by the pool.  As for the wicker chairs they both got a new job paint turquoise blue this year.  I really want to find some indoor outdoor fabric that I like to make a slip cover for my ottoman but have had little time to focus on that yet.  But let me just go on the record for saying…you cannot beat having an ottoman on the porch!
My new indoor outdoor chair cushions came from SteinMart.  These were the ones I wanted when they came in but waited and they got sold out.  I called the other store across town and went and got them from them.  That’s how much I loved the pattern on them.  Adorable and fun!
I love to enjoy the porch in the summer and these colors make me very happy!

Well, this is how it looks for now.  Pretty streamlined and clean.
I’m so ready for a little back porch living.  How about you?

Thanks so much for stopping by today.
I am joining BNOTP

Have a beautiful Monday Yall!


11 thoughts on “Decluttering the Back Porch

  1. Your porch is beautiful Mary! I can't wait to clean mine but I'm waiting for all the pollen to stop falling….hopefully, this week. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day, Gail


  2. Your outside bakers rack looks nicer than my inside one, Mary! What wonderful pieces to play with, too.

    We've still got new homes being built all around us, so the dirt is just awful out on the deck. We have yet to sit out there & its been nice enough all week long. Spring finally arrived in Ohio!! Yay~~

    I found some really nice outdoor fabrics at JoAnn's last year. I covered my front porch bench cushion & then made some monogrammed pillows out of the fabric for DD's front porch, too.
    Hope you can find some you like for your ottoman.



  3. Mary, I LOVE your back porch. I would glady trade our useless backyard deck for a porch. Alas… not in the budget any time soon.

    I love the blue. I remember when you first got inspired with it last year, and the wicker looks fantastic.


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