The Front Yard

Since things have greened up pretty well around here I thought you might like to see a few images from around the yard again.  I’ve so little time for maintenance that things are looking kinda wild this year.  I like to think of it as kinda cottagey though.  Heh he!  You know, cottage garden style. I’ll start in the front yard this time.

You have to enter my home from these steps that are right off of the driveway.  The creeping fig is growing well this year on the wall.
Still haven’t put that sprinkler system in yet.  It’s going to happen but just not ready quite yet.  We need a plan since the Mr. wants to do it himself. 
This bedding area by the walkway is filled with vinca vine.
The other side is begging to show lot’s of new growth too.
The Iris are looking good but still not much blooming going on this year.
Well, there’s a peek at the front of the house.  I took photos from the backyard but really need to scoot.  Maybe next week I’ll share those with you too.

Thanks for stopping by and joining me for

Have a great day everyone!


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