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My Pool Noodle Project

Good Morning!  What a beautiful weekend it has been so far.  The weather has been just perfect with the sun shining brightly and the skies all clear. What a beautiful Father’s Day today too!

 It’s just the right kind of weather for spending time around the pool.  Since we put in a pool last year it has been such a joy!  So, I’m sure you can understand when I heard about a Pool Noodle Craft Party going on over at Debbiedoo’s I had to find out a bit more.  I knew I was going to be all about this one!

The challenge was to create something using a pool noodle.  I am sure I won’t be the only one who decided to make a wreath.  But…mines not just any old wreath, Oh no!!!  It’s so much more!  So after spending only $3.00 at the DT I gathered up the rest of the supplies I already had on hand and went to work and here’s my wreath!

What do you think?  Pretty cute and simple huh?

  Well, to be honest it wasn’t quite that easy.  The first challenge I had was to find a way to make the noodle stay round.  The Mr. helped me out with that one.  He simply added a small rubber tube inside of both the holes on each end forcing them to connect together.  He’s so smart like that!
Then, all I did next was add more of that white tulle ribbon that I already had along with some indoor/outdoor rope.  The noodle was item no.1 and the rope was item no.2  purchased from the DT. 

The sign was item no.3 purchased from the DT.  Unfortunately it didn’t quite say what I wanted it to.  So, it had to undergo a little transformation.  Since it was the right size (and price), I thought it was worth effort.
I decided to keep the flip flops since they were already on the original sign and just worked around that.  I repainted the sign white because it was brown and added the words with a paint pen.

If you look closely you can see where the previous words originally were on the sign.  I did some light sanding but obviously not quite enough.   Oops! The original words ( Beach House) were glittery and textured.  I thought I got most of that off but not quite. 
Oh well!  To be honest I really didn’t have a lot of time to invest in this but really wanted to get it done.  I was especially rushed this week because we are leaving for the beach ourselves today.  Whoo hoo!  Anyway, I think the sign looks just fine, don’t you?  Sure you do, but there is just one little itty bitty problem.

You see, I can’t in all good conciseness go out of town with a sign like this hanging on our pool.

Now a sign like this….I could live with!
That’s right friends, flip the sign and were all set.
This side looks so much better without any previous wording showing through.  LOL!
So there you have it.

Pool Open!
Pool Closed!
I decided to hang it right there on the fence by the pool too!

The Mr. said, ” Hey, we can use it as a life preserver too if we need too.”  LOL!
Didn’t I tell you it was so much more then just a wreath?

This was a fun project!  Thanks so much for the inspiration to create something fun with a pool noodle ladies.  I really enjoyed the challenge! 

I hope you enjoyed your visit here today too.  Please be sure and visit 
 to see many more of those amazing noodle projects on the 20th.
I hope I am able to get this post to link up but am not sure I will have internet connections where we are going but I will try!

Have a great week everyone!


8 thoughts on “My Pool Noodle Project

  1. Two enthusiastic thumbs up! I love the whole thing, and the reversible sign is just plain perfect. I need to make sure my mom sees this. It would be really, really cute on the gate to her pool.


  2. hOW Stinkin cute Mary! I love the Toile wrapped around it and the sign is way too cute. Thanks for joining in. It sure is a perfect pool side addition! Just watch that no one tries to sit in it in the pool LOL!


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