Tweaking the Bar area for the Holidays

Tis the season!   
 One of the first areas I streamlined recently was this bar area in my kitchen.  I’ve been using this desk in my kitchen as a bar for sometime now.   I still don’t have that wine cooler underneath yet but I’m still hopeful.  I’ve just got to get the Mr. on board with the logistics of that part.  LOL!  Anyway, this area had gotten a bit cluttered so I changed up a few things.
First thing I did was moved the big wine crate I had hear and replaced it with the slab of granite that I’ve had sitting under my utensils in the kitchen.  It’s a much cleaner look to me.
Second thing I did was remove the red zinfandel sign and added my new chalkboard tray.  I’ve had the tray for a while now but finally bought some chalkboard paint and converted it.  Oldest blog trick in the book I know, but hey it looks great and will be a wonderful spot to leave messages for family and friends when entertaining and all year long.
And last but not least one of the biggest improvements was simply changing out my wine goblets to ones that all matched.  I previously had a mixture of some of my favorite glasses but the mix of colors,styles and sizes was a bit junky looking.  Now everything is very streamlined and I even managed to cover up two more outlets behind the tray and slate in the process. 
So there’s my latest makeover and cleanup.  Just one more step towards making the holidays merry and bright!  What about you?  What are your preparing for the holidays?


7 thoughts on “Tweaking the Bar area for the Holidays

  1. I am just cleaning everything! My MIL wants to be downstairs so we are moving a bed down to the basement for her. This is after I spent two (almost 3) days cleaning out the guest bedroom for her! Ahhhh… family! I am grocery shopping today with many requests from my pregnant SIL. Help me… I may not make it through the holidays!


  2. It's looking good, and I love the tray. It might be the oldest blog trick in the book, but I have yet to do it. Every time I see one like yours, I put it on the to do list.

    I really love the way you have the stemware hanging there. That's my favorite part.


  3. Hi Mary! Oh, this area does look so nice. I love that you used the granite for the bottles. I've still never used chalkboard paint! 🙂
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉


  4. That looks great! Love the chalkboard tray and the slab of granite too. Wish I had a leftover piece:) Thanks for your visit and sweet comments. Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Thanksgiving! XO, Pinky


  5. Lovely area Mary, it does look so nice! I love the chalkboard tray and the granite that you have there. I got my husband to bring up the Christmas tree from the basement and a day or so ago I wiped down my kitchen cabinets and really cleaned them. That's what I've been doing to get ready for the holidays:)
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving:)


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