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My First Nautical Christmas Tree

Hey Yall! Did you catch of glimpse of my newest tree on the last post?  I guess you could say this year I’ve decided to test the waters a bit with a new “to us” Christmas tree.

I’ve had a very small tree I’ve put on the screened porch for a few years now but this year I decided to put the slightly larger tree that I use upstairs on the porch.  I also decided it was high time I started a nautical theme.  I always see such cute nautical ornaments while on vacation and never get any because I’ve never thought they would look right on my trees.  

Well, all that has changed now that I’ve finally given myself permission to add a new tree to my collection.  And what better place to put a nautical tree then on my screen porch.

I decided to try this one out here to see how well it would tuck right in beside the hammock.  This is sort of a test to see if I want to get a larger tree.  I think it’s passed the test with flying colors.  I love it!
Of course a nautical tree just had to be blue right?  This is the first time I’ve done a tree with mostly blues.  It’s really been kind of fun!
I bought a few new things but used a few things I already had as well.  These blue branches I used for the topper and throughout the tree came from Michael’s.   I got them at 60% off.  I bet I’ll find more of these after Christmas too.
The mermaid ornaments I already had.  I will have to get more of those now for sure!  Do you recognize the white anchor.  It’s the napkin rings I made 2 years ago.  LOL!   The ships wheel, fish, and other small wood nautical ornaments all came from the wooden crafts section at Michael’s. They were all already painted too and all I had to do was hot glue the ribbons on to hang them with.  Woohoo!
These balls where from Michaels and I knew I had to get them because they looked like fish scales to me.  The little wooden boats I already had as well.
 I decided to tuck my Sailing Santa right underneath.  I think he will make a nice tree topper on a bigger tree, don’t you?  Hmmm??? Oh well, maybe next year!

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a great day friends!


9 thoughts on “My First Nautical Christmas Tree

  1. Yep. I love it. My favorite part of all is the ornament that looks like the fish scales. I MUST show that to my mom for her nautical tree. That is just plain perfect, and it is a perfect fit for such a Sailing Simply kind of gal.

    I had to give myself a tour of the last post before I could read this. I told you there, but just in case you don't see it, your home is beautiful.


  2. Mary, I thought it WAS a much bigger tree til the last picture!!! I just love it all, the colors, the ornaments, the topper, everything!!!!!!!!!! I envy you the screened in porch, I have always wanted one. Maybe one day…… XO, Pinky


  3. Hello! I just started following you on my first visit to your blog because I love your Christmas decor! Everything is Beautiful and I got a wonderful inspiration for my little one's tree next year! He wants fish and a nautical theme, so this would be perfect! Thanks for sharing!


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