Shipwrecked two days before Christmas!

Funny how just when you think you are sailing right along, something comes along and reminds you how very off course you are.  In my case the something I am referring to was a tremendously strong wind storm.  Well, that’s the wordly version of the something that came along.  I know in my heart there was a greater something behind it all, but I will get back to that in a bit.
Remember my pretty little Nautical Christmas tree on the porch?
Well here’s how it looks now after my husband picked it back up off the porch floor…
…where it landed after a terrible storm blew through here on Friday.  Notice anything?  
That’s right, where’s all the ornaments?  Well they scattered and shattered all over the porch.
But my wonderful sailor man lovingly picked them all up and cleaned up the broken mess and bagged them up for me.  He left them on the table so I could determine if they were going back up or not.
On the front porch my welcome sign was blown off the stand and right out of the frame.  Don’t worry, it’s fixable with a little hot glue.  A few of the wreaths on the dormer windows outside blew off too but luckily were found on our walkway.
On the inside, my dining room is another shipwreck in itself.  There are presents and wrapping paper piled high waiting to be wrapped.  I am in a serious time crunch because I am working a mandatory 6 days a week, even today will make 7 days in a row now. Yet here I am typing out a post on my blog.   Why?
Because I want you to know that despite the mess on my porches and in my home I am blessed!
    I have a job where we work hard everyday.  I have coworkers who push each other along through the mess of all the ship wrecks we encounter daily.  We support each other with understanding about those coworkers who’s work ethics are not similar to our own.  We support each other in regards to those amazing customers who go from being a sweet little old lady to a nasty fire breathing dragon in a matter of minutes over a 20 percent coupon that they thought they could use that does not apply.
I am blessed because I have a husband who supports my time away from home.  He helps to keep things going during these hectic times where everything is not picture perfect.  His mindset is not that I am superwoman and can do it all and work too.  His mindset is that I am working and therefore need more help around the house.
I am blessed because I know and believe in the true meaning of Christmas.  I have not been able to attend church at all lately due to my work schedule.  In fact it’s been quite a few years now since we have regularly attended church.  When I do get a Sunday off I tend to use it literally as a day of rest which for me means sleeping in and trying to catch up on a few winks.  I am so tired yall!  I feel terribly guilty about this.  I really do.  I feel disconnected from others who go to church.    I feel as if the rest of the world must think I am believer who is shipwrecked.  
But then a storm comes along, no wait, let me reword this.   God comes along and reminds me that Christmas is not in all the trappings of the season.  It is not even in the regular attendance of church.  It is in the heart!  I know that I am justifying here but you see I have too.  Because if I don’t the guilt will eat me up.  But the guilt that I feel is tempered with the fact that despite my circumstances God has surrounded me with Godly people.   They are not the ones who sit along side of me in the pews whom I rarely ever see outside of church, or who don’t even speak to me outside of church when I do see them.  They are the ones who I live along side of daily. 
 It is the husband who helps me out at home to keep me on track and working.  He knows I love my work, even though I hate the hours away from home.  He knows we could use the extra money with a child in college.  But mostly he knows I need to be out in the real world among others, helping and listening and being a part of another’s life.
It is the coworkers who are of faith that struggle with the same dilemmas as I.  Some who seem to juggle it all so much better then me and are an example of Godly living in the world.  I am blessed by those who could also use a little more support with their faith.  I hope that I can bring some of that support and shine a light for them that we are all still growing as Christians while we are still here on earth.  
Even those beautiful perfectly put together Christians (with the holy and haughty bad attitudes) whom we encounter on a daily basis at this time of year easily remind me how blessed I really am.  Surely God did not create Christmas as an excuse to treat those who really are working for you so badly.  Yes, seeing such a hardened heart in others can be a blessing for those who feel like they are falling short.
The fact is we are all “shipwrecked” folks!
Each and every one of us.
But we don’t have to stay that way, because there was one who was sent to save us.  He did not come to save only the well to do, and the perfect, or even just those who try and do everything right who can meet the demands of church life.  He came to save us all!
The gift was for all of us who choose to believe.  The promise was that the gift would be offered for all!  Does your Christian life reflect this?  I sure hope mine does.
Thank you God for all the storms!  I hear you!
Thank you for setting my heart right again just in time for Christmas.
Now, what to do about the tree on the porch?
May God bless each of you as well.  
Merry Christmas Friends! 


7 thoughts on “Shipwrecked two days before Christmas!

  1. oh Mary. what a powerful, honest and heartwarming post. I thank you for it.
    I know many others have strong opinions but then so do I and I learned long ago my Church and My God is always close by. Their arms are always open, they never judge and they are always smiling when I visit. Its because they LIVE every moment in my Heart , whereever I go and even in my sleep. no fancy building, no plate passed for donations, no judgmental looks, just loving hearts- open arms and smiles of gladness for which I am so very grateful.
    Merry Christmas ~!


  2. Mary-That is just a beautifully written, from the heart, post. We are all shipwrecked in one way or another. Thank God he sees fit to take us out of the turbulent waters, lift us over the sand and set us on the solid rock. We are blessed, indeed- xo Diana


  3. Perfectly put!! I love the way your teachable heart hears things and then shares them. As to the actual or physical storm, we had it here too. My porch was a wind blown mess by the time I realized that I needed to get plants, etc. inside. My wreath stayed the course, though, thank goodness.

    Belated… but MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


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