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Making Memories of US

One of the best things about not having a full time job is definitely having more time to do the things I love.   I have already been doing quite a bit of catching up on things I love to do these last few weeks.  Things like working in the yard, planting flowers, organizing and cleaning the clutter away, planning projects and planning trips.

 Time to travel in our new to us camper is first on my list!

  We are getting closer to taking our first trip in just a few weeks and I can hardly wait.  I have been very busy making sure we have everything in order for our first trip.  Of all the things I’ve been getting together, one of those prep ideas included artwork for the wall behind the settee.  We creative types are somewhat picky about decorating our spaces right?  LOL!

   I really wanted to find something that spoke to me.  You know, something with words.  However, after searching high and low for just the right saying, I just could not find what I wanted.  I found lot’s of signs that were very close, like the right colors, or fonts, the right weight or size but still just not quite what I had in mind.  After feeling satisfied I had exhausted all the best local places to find my sign I decided I was just going to have to make my own.  I am still having to remind myself that I actually have time to start and complete projects now days. It’s a very good thing!

I decided I would use canvas because it is so light weight and that is very important in a camper.  I was pleased as punch to find just the right size I wanted too!
I painted my canvas with some leftover sample paint that I purchased last year when I thought I might want to paint my den this color.  That, by the way never happened.
Then because I was multitasking all day I brought my canvas back downstairs. Once I was in the kitchen and near the printer in hubby’s office, I started playing with what I wanted it to say.
I typed out several different fonts and sizes using Word.  I also downloaded a free graphic from The Graphics Fairy.  I wanted something very scrolly to go in the corners and this design was perfect for me.

This is how I transferred my designs and my words onto my canvas.  

I used transfer paper and taped my printout over it, then traced them onto the canvas.  After getting my designs transferred, I simply painted them in by hand.  Could not have been any easier! 
The hardest part was decided exactly what I wanted my sign to say.  I knew I wanted it to say something about a Getaway Cottage but was lost after that.  Then I thought about what all of our camping trips have meant and the words “making memories” came to mind.  So, I googled those words and found the title to Keith Urban’s song and knew I just had to use it.  Pretty sweet huh?  I’ll include a link for that at the bottom of this post.
Here’s my sign all finished and waiting to go in the camper.  I was thinking of putting a glaze over it but decided not to go that route after all.

I used a few of those adhesive strips with velcro (that you can remove easily) on the back to secure it to the wall
And Wah laah!  We now have something customized just for us to look at while dining and camping.

Thanks so much for dropping by!  
Hope your having a wonderful day!


6 thoughts on “Making Memories of US

  1. I really do love it! “Making memories” was one of my dad's most common catch phrases. I think of him (and mom) whenever I say it. Some of the best memories we ever made were in our little camper. I hope you have the time of your lives in yours.


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