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Decorating the Top of the China Hutch

Does anyone remember last week when I said I was on a creative roll?  That was when I showed you my picnic basket vignette.  No?  Well, that’s okay, that just means you probably haven’t stopped by in awhile.  Can I just remind you that I’m still here!  I’m still blogging and styling and have lot’s to share. I know I fell off the grid while I was working but I’d like thank those of you especially who have remained constant and faithful blog friends.  It really means a lot to me!  For the rest of you, I’m sending out a sweet reminder that the door is always open around here and I do enjoy hearing from you! So, I hope you come on in!
We are back in the dining room ladies, where I was inspired to create this little vignette on top of my china cabinet.
Here’s what inspired me!  
I have seen these herb boxes all over blog land and wanted some for so very long.  I about flipped when I came across them at a Decor Warehouse that I visited with a friend last month.  They were priced so well, that it was no doubt they would be coming home.  I had no idea they would end up in the dining room of all places but I love because it keeps my dining room from looking too formal.
After hanging the three boxes on the wall I needed a place for the fourth box and decided on top of the china cabinet was perfect.
I stored a few platters that I rarely use in the box to give it even more height.
The I also decided that the top of the hutch was a great place to store those other pieces I love that I rarely ever will use too.
I added some greenery and few flowers for color and a nice summer show and I was done.
I love to say it was as easy that, but…that would not be the whole truth.  You see the top of my hutch is very arched.  Getting my vignette set the way I envisioned was a bit of challenge.  I finally ended up using cotton batting of all things to create height and a flat surface where I needed it on the curves.  Pretty crazy huh?
Wanna take a peek inside? I added some color in here too!
This butterflie dish and the forget me not dish were my MIL’s.  I just love these!  
Speaking of sweet look what I saw out of the window when I was snapping pics of the hutch.
Do you see her now?  Isn’t she just precious!
Speaking of precious, did you happen to notice my new plant?
I had been wanting to get a real plant for my stand in the dining room for awhile now and was thinking of getting a fern until I discovered this at Lowes.  There was only one and of course I snapped it right up.  It’s a good thing I did because I had several ladies asking what it was and where did I find it?
It’s called a Lipstick Twister, or Aeschynanthus Radicans to be more accurate.  I just fell head over heals in love with those lacy little ringlets.  It does have blooms that will look much like lipstick. 
It requires indirect sunlight so this little spot in the dining room will be just perfect. 
I am joining the following parties today;
Fertilizer Friday
If you happened to stop by thank you so much! It’s always a pleasure when you do.  I love company, don’t you?
 Be sure and come back again real soon.  I’ve got several more projects I’ve been working on for the booth and have lot’s to share!
Have a great day everyone!


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