My Booth is up and Running!

Hey All! I’ve been working very hard to get my booth up and running over the last few weeks and thought I’d give you the tour.
To recap it’s only 5×10 in size but plenty big for what I wanted.   I was very lucky they had a few shelving units they allowed me to use.  I am now on the hunt for more shelves of my own.
Here is the left side.  I have mostly started my business using things of my own that I no longer wished to to keep.  I have so much more, but find I am just not ready to part with them yet.  
I really need to get over that and just let it go!
I’ve also added in a few recent craft projects that I will share with you soon.  I am so excited about those!  You will seriously love the Dream Jars….so please come back to check them out in detail.
I would like to say that my booth has a certain decorative style or theme but….
 …as you can see it does not.  The best I can hope for is to keep similar items together like I did on this top rack.  It’s the wine shelf.  Well, it was until I added another craft that belongs in the kitchen.  Don’t worry, I’ll be showing you that one in more detail too.
The bottom shelf was to be more home decor type items but I’ve had to add a few outdoor lanterns here to get a better show.  This is why I am hoping to get more shelves.  
I do know that mixing it up quite a bit often works when things have been sitting awhile.  So with that in mind the groupings may not always be able to stay together. 
There’s one of my latest redo’s in the back there.  I finally delivered the refinished clock yesterday. I am thrilled with how it came out.  It’s a battery operated clock and to my surprise even has chimes that ring.  I’ve got it listed at $45.00, which I think is a steal!
The one constant I was trying to do was to give my display pieces either a black or white finish in appearance.  The brown shelves I could not change since they are not mine so I added this black and white polka dot fabric to the back. I like how that turned out.  The other two shelves were already white with the exception of a very dated wall paper border that was on the white shelves to the left.  I remedied that by adding a black and white cabinet drawer liner to the top to cover up the other border.  It’s nonslip and can easily be removed so I can keep it as well, and it was purchased from the dollar store.  Pretty thrifty, huh?
I also made my own sign using stenciling letters and added a few embellishments.  I think a sign goes a long way as to describing what your customers can expect don’t you?  And yes, as you can see I finally decided to go with the name of my blog.  I hope to make a few changes soon on my blog to feature the booth on here as well.  So many ideas!
Finally, I decided to leave the white tulle up around the entrance and just added a few bits of black and white polka dotted ribbon to give it some extra contrast.  
Well, there she stands folks!  If you are ever out and about this way I’d love for you you stop by and shop a bit with me. My booth is located in Almost Antiques in Irmo,SC. You never know what you might find!
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day everyone!


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