china cabinet

My Black China Cabinet is finished!

It’s finished, shining and looking Oh so good!
I sure do wish I had done this a long time ago when I first brought her home.
I still have not replaced the cracked glass and the wood pieces missing on this top left side from when I first brought it home.  Hoping to get those fixed soon.
For now, I am just enjoying having this sweet cabinet refinished in black.
It is two pieces so I decided to keep the top of the bottom hutch unpainted in its original wood oak finish.  I like the contrast and like the idea of it not being visibly scratched should the top piece be shifted or moved.
I also did not paint the inside of the cabinet either as it compliments the top of the lower half.  I also have another piece of furniture on the opposite side of the room that is painted black with a stained wood top as well.  I love symmetry!
I am especially loving the way my white dishes look with the black finish as well now.
I have more work to do in this room and have made some more decisions regarding painting the lower half of the room again.  I can hardly wait for that project.  
But…. it will have to wait because I have already jumped on another project and finished it, and have yet one more redo before I get back to the dining room.
If your wondering what I am talking about you’ll have to come back to see my new paint color for the kitchen soon.  Yep, that’s right I redid the kitchen again and soon am repainting the den again too.  I’ll be back with that another time though.
Please remember this blog is going private again soon and I will need your email to add you to be able to continue following along if you’d like.  See my previous post for more details.
I don’t know why I waited so long to redo this cabinet that I purchased solely for the reason of repainting it.  I guess I just got busy.  So glad to have this one finally done!
Done and enjoying it!
Thanks for stopping by, 
Happy Monday!


8 thoughts on “My Black China Cabinet is finished!

  1. L-O-V-E the transformation!!! You made a really great decision in keeping parts of the piece in the original oak. It gives the piece a really rich, custom look. This (almost!) makes me want to pull out a paint brush and get going on some furniture around here that could stand some updating. Let's hope that enthusiasm remains until Spring when I can open up windows for ventilation without half a ton of snow falling in them! 🙂

    Beautiful job!


  2. I'm crazy about it. I have a china cabinet that used to be in my dining room and then traveled to my living room and is soon traveling to my den. I'm trying to decide whether to leave it or paint it. You just scored a big old point for team “Paint It”.

    (And I hope that when you go private again, I'm still included. I think I will be because we did it via email. I'll bug you with another email if I get locked out.)

    (And can I say again how much I'm glad that you are going to keep on blogging?)


  3. This looks wonderful! Great job, Mary! I like the fact that you left part of it natural, too, to echo the other piece!

    I am going to look one more time to see where to email you. I can't leave my email address in an email because it is my personal account, but I can give it to you if I can find your blog email. Help! My time is running out!



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