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New Color in the Bedroom

Hi Friends!  I am hoping this post will serve dual purposes here today!   I am conducting a trial post on the new blog to see how I like it and I get to update you on my master bedroom.

Well I have to say as far as posting goes, I am struggling quite a bit but I am optimistic. Figuring out how to add pictures to a post is easy, figuring out how to get rid of duplicates in the Media picture file is a challenge.  Would love a tip on that if anyones out there.  Anyway, enough of that let’s get to the good stuff.


I wanted to share my new bedroom color with you today because well, I love it!   What a change from the parakeet green I had in here.  I still have some very dated furniture and a few unmatched linens now but we will get there eventually.  The new color is called Breaktime from Sherwin Williams.  It is a bluish greenish color that is just so perfect in this room.


I am not sure why, but I am guessing it has to do with the exposure from the light of all the windows certain colors can be really off in this room.  I tested at least five different colors in here before this one hit the mark for me.  Most colors came out either to blue, too green, or too gray.  Blah!  I will have to show you a color that I tested in here that is in my sons bedroom.  It was so gray in here and in his room is a tranquil blue-green.  Weird!


I also went on a search for a new quilt that would compliment this new color. This one works though it’s a little bright. I really wanted something with a pattern but couldn’t find what I wanted that would pull in the coral from the cornice boards. They are definitely staying.  I have a beautiful very large quilted white bedspread I normally use but since Maizey has decided she loves our bed I didn’t want it getting ruined.  It wasn’t cheap so in the closet it went until winter when we can use it under another quilt.  Oh the sacrifices we make for our pets right?

DSC_0338I certainly don’t mind though, she is my heart!


I have kept the white pillow sham out that has our initial embroidered on it.  I love this idea I had to do this back when I worked at the embroidery shop.  I am thrilled that I can now do this for others as well on my machine.  I decided to just put one large last name initial on the sham instead of having two different sets of initials on shams.  With my white bedset I used three standard shams instead of the two king sized ones.  This blue quilt set sold the king shams with the quilt so that was that but the white still works here. Eventually I may get a white bed skirt as well, or something with some white in it.

 For those who want to dress up their linens without spending a lot on embroidery this single initial is a great option.  Even if you were to do both shams with a single initial it’s a great choice because lets face it, most men really don’t care if their initials are on their shams or not.  I have listened to so many ladies struggle with whether to put their husbands initials on the shams or just theirs. Then there is the whole font issue.  Hubby doesn’t like script but wife does, he want’s his masculine she wants hers feminine.    I know to each his own, but here’s a nice compromise just in case!


I think this shot shows the best real shot of how the color actually looks in my room.  The camera and outside lighting in here is doing funny things to change it up a bit, but this is pretty dead on.  It is such a relaxing and tranquil color in this room.  I cannot tell you how much I love our room.  As you can also see I’ve been very hesitant to put anything on the walls in here too.  I want to keep it breezy and light and uncluttered.


I would love to hear what you think of the new color?  In fact I would just love to hear from any of you in general.  Just drop me a quick reply to let me know if your here, that would be great.  If you’re so inclined I would love ideas on what color to repaint my hutch in here.  My dream is to one day replace the furniture with soft white washed or grey washed furniture but that’s further down the road.  Tips, ideas, suggestions, I would love to hear them all!

Thanks so much for stopping by y’all!

Hugs and Waves,











































































2 thoughts on “New Color in the Bedroom

  1. You switched to Word Press?! You’ll please have to tell me what you think.

    The new bedroom colors are beautiful. The soft blue looks fantastic with the rich furniture colors.


  2. HI Mary! Oh, your went to Word Press! Hope it works out for you. Now your bedroom looks wonderful! I love the pretty color you chose and I can see your little fuzzy face has found a napping place! Thanks for popping in and commenting about Instagram. We’ll see how I do! 😉
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂


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