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Autumn Decorating – Part 1

Hi friends!  Once again I find myself absolutely behind on blogging.  I’ve decided no more promises, from here on out it’s whatever will be will be.  I’m tired of apologizing and feeling guilty all the time. I will be the one who blogs off and on as I pretty much always have so no more apologies okay, I am what I am.  LOL!  Now one thing I will apologize for is two of my photos have my embroidery watermark on them.  I shared these pictures earlier on my Facebook page and used my watermark app on my phone.  I have two watermarks that I use, one for the decorating page and one for the embroidery page.  I got mixed up and watermarked these with the wrong one.  Mulit-media tasking not my best thing.

Well here we are in SC about to be hit by Hurricane Matthew and I am sitting here blogging.  How’s that for crazy timing?  Luckily, I don’t live on the coast but have family who are making their way up and have made as many preps as we can for what may come our way where we live.  We are also praying God will protect all in the path of what looks like a very terrible storm.  Please pray for all in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina!

Last week we finally started to have a bit of a cooling streak  and I was inspired to put out some more of my fall decor.  I have put a bit here and there but never did the full fall decorating until last week.  I have also decided I really like a more simple approach to fall decorating.

I love the warmth of Fall Colors this time of year.  However, those bold oranges, reds, browns and golds can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming to to me.


In the den I only did a small splash of fall on the mantle using what I had and reworking a few older floral designs.  I am so very pleased with the simplicity and sparkle of it this year.

The bamboo floral arrangements I’ve had for several years now after purchasing them from resale.  I pulled all the old cattails and leaves out and add these wispy looking grasses with feathers that I’ve had for a few years as well.  I think I may have actually stuck them in with the older floras that were in here one year.  Anyway, I decided to just use the grasses and feathers alone with some copper berries that I had from Christmas.  I used to use these berries on my Christmas tree in the dining room but stopped using the copper a few years back.  I hung on to them and recently put them in my fall boxes.  I’m so glad I did because I think they look perfect for fall.


  I added a little more bling with my mercury glass candlesticks and a splash of autumn color came to life with these orange electric candles. You can’t see it in this photo but there are tiny crystals around the edge of the candlestick by the candles.  So glam!  I love the contrast of the orange against the backdrop of my teal plates on the wall.  So pretty!


Speaking of orange and teal.  Do you remember my orange pillows I bought last year at Kirklands?  Well their back!  Perfect next to the teal pillows don’t you think?  This color is so lovely but definitely not something I like year round.  It’s just too bold of a color for me to use year round but I do believe it would definitely work in here year round.


The coffee table got a little bling and orange and teal as well.  I just adore pulling out my beautiful glass pumpkins every year.  They were such a wonderful find back when glass pumpkins were all the thing.  Now, it’s white and gold polka dot pumpkins, you know the Kate Spade look.  I like that look too very much.  I also really love the copper pumpkin I have too that I purchased from Stein Mart of course.  I keep toying with the idea of changing out the raffia on this vase.  I’ve had this way for a few years now.  I really like it but I think I’m ready for something new.  We shall see!

So there you are!  That’s it for my fall decor in the den.  Not much too it but when you have a large open room like this one is, it really is quite enough, at least I think so.

Thanks so much for popping in for a peek.  Hoping to get back before Christmas to show you some more fall goodies because I really have done a splash more here and there all over the house.  It feels great!

Take care everyone!    Linking up to a few Friday Parties today if I can find them @….

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Hugs and Waves!                                                                                                                                               Mary


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