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Hard Candy Christmas in the Kitchen

Hi sweet friends!  Yes, this is really happening!  I actually decorated the kitchen for Christmas today.  If you follow my FB page you know that I have been struggling with getting in the mood.  Today I was touch by the spirit, and decided it was time.

So without a lot of chit chat because honestly, I’m a bit tired now.  Let’s just jump right in and let me share my “Hard Candy” kitchen with you.


I’m calling it a Hard Candy Christmas because my kitchen is always decorated with a candy theme.  I love the candy and gingerbread look for kitchens.  It’s just so warm and inviting as all kitchens usually are.


I started with my very thin pencil style Christmas tree and moved right on to the chandelier.  Did I mention I also have a thing for elves in the kitchen?


Next, I worked on my shelves.  They are so fun and I am enjoying changing them out regularly.  I’ve got it set up pretty good but I’ve got a bit of tweaking to do.  I need to paint the wood block for the background of my embroidered sign (it’s going to be black) and I want to find a cute little mini candy type Christmas tree to replace the plain little tree beside Mr. and Mrs. Claus.  I think they need their own miniature Candy tree as well!


Next I worked on spreading out a few of festive servicing pieces and positioning my baking Santa’s around as well.


I had to set up an area to display more dishtowels.  Oh mercy, do I ever have so many embroidered decorative dishtowels!  I don’t have my newest ones down from the sewing room yet, but don’t worry they will make their  way in the kitchen soon.


My newest addition to the kitchen is the adorable shabby framed chalkboard.  I actually just picked this up recently on clearance at Kirklands and new exactly where I wanted to use it.  I did’nt want to do the chalky scene for Christmas though I really wanted to just use it to hang a wreath on.  I already had this wreath and was quite pleased to see it actually is sized just right.  I was trying to figure out what to do with my adorable measuring spoons to display them when it hit me they would look so cute here on the wreath.  Love it!  I may add a few gingerbreads or other baking items to the wreath, or maybe not, still debating that one.


After it was all done, I vacumed and mopped the floors.  What an enjoyable day to listening to Christmas music on Pandora, smelling my melted candles and now wrapping up the evening with homecooked Chili from the hubby.  Whew!  I’m tired, but my kitchen is all decorated now and it’s all clean too.  Now that’s not really the true meaning of a hard candy Christmas is it?  I know, so maybe I’ll rename it my Sweets for my Sweets Christmas kitchen.  LOL!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and wishing you the spirit of Christmas soon!

Hugs and Waves!



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