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Romancing Mardi Gras – A table for two

Hello friends and followers!  Do any of you entertain the tradition of Mardi Gras?  I will admit as a southerner from South Carolina we really don’t adhere to this tradition much.  About the most you will find of Mardi Gras celebrations here is based more on the religious tradition of Fat Tuesday centered around the observance of Ashe Wednesday.  Even then, it is limited more depending on what church you attend as to whether they give any observation to this at all.

I did not grow up observing Mardi Gras, but I do love anything that is seeped in tradition and that which is especially creative and colorful.  One cannot deny that Mardi Gras is definitely colorful in more ways then one.  So with that in mind, it is what I have set out to embrace with my Mardi Gras tablescape this year.  A colorful setting with a colorful tale!


Tradition holds that Mardi Gras is a time of reveling in ones last evening of indulgence before moving into the season of lent and repentance.  While I find all the partying and extreme food over indulgence quite exciting I also can’t deny that I also find Mardi Gras to be a bit romantic as well.


I guess it has to do with the all the mystery that surrounds Mardi Gras with all the masques and costumes.  For some reason, the whole idea of Mardi Gras reminds me quite a bit of those historical romantic novels where masquerade balls and opulence ruled with intrigue among the royalty.


OK, don’t laugh y’all, perhaps I do spend too much time in my novels, but you know I’m right don’t you?  Sooooo…..it is in this scenario I have created my table for two for Mardi Gras.


Image a house full of guests waltzing in a huge ballroom full of many masked guests where hushed whispers of dinner being served is announced.  A giddy young couple rushes to their seats to find that the table is set but exclusively just for the two of them.  Or imagine an older couple who have seen many years of Mardi Gras celebrations among the masses who cannot wait to escape to find a bit of solitude before retiring for the evening.  Or better yet….imagine a middle aged couple though despite hosting the largest celebration of the ton, sneak off privately to find their own bit of paradise in the mystery that is them.


They adjourn to the dining room where they find the table set in beautiful rich colors of Green, Gold, and Purple representing the royalty that is of their descent and the tradition of Mardi Gras.


A metallic gold medallion style place mat from Bed Bath and Beyond is accompanied by Lenox Butlers Pantry and topped off with a beautiful purple, black and cream toile salad dish from Portebello by Inspire.


Each setting also appropriately shines with Louisiana flatware from Oneida.  Additionally, there are two glasses of stemware for indulging in both water and wine.


The local embroiderer was even commissioned to adorn the table linens with the family symbol of Mardi Gras Royalty.


Only a minimal amount of serving pieces are on hand for condiments as there will be footman readily available for serving dishes.


Tonight is a grand occasion with all the pageantry expected of such an affair.  The table dressing finery is a rich sparkly green runner combined with a beautiful purple satin wrap to drape the one of the centerpieces.  Both are adorned with the familys prized jewels representing justice, faith and power.



There is even a peacock to represent her beauty and integrity in addition to a crown of gold representing his family line of nobility.  No details were spared in this celebration for two where the masks are left behind, because tonight is all about the two of them indulging in each others company.



Oh yes, these two are all set for a romantic dinner for two to indulge not only in each other but in all that they are together.  May they always continue to prosper!


Yeah, I spend way too much time in the books, dreaming of other times and other worlds. I have always enjoyed a good story.  I hope you did too.  I still think reading is as wonderful a pastime as many of our more modern day entertainments and indulgences.  Don’t you agree?

Happy Mardi Gras friends, from The Decorative Dreamer!




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