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Autumn Decorating – Part 1

Hi friends!  Once again I find myself absolutely behind on blogging.  I’ve decided no more promises, from here on out it’s whatever will be will be.  I’m tired of apologizing and feeling guilty all the time. I will be the one who blogs off and on as I pretty much always have so no more… Continue reading Autumn Decorating – Part 1

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My 10 Personal Faves

Hey blog friends!  I have challenged myself to get at least one blog post out a week.  It’s quite a struggle right now with all that I’m juggling.  I’ve made a promise to myself so I’m  really going to work on being more committed to this.  I love blogging, taking photos and most of all… Continue reading My 10 Personal Faves


Let me reintroduce you to The Decorative Dreamer

Hi again everyone!  Can I interrupt your Super Bowl Sunday for just a bit, please?  You see,  I can’t help but notice how quite it is here in MY blog world.  Is anyone out there?  Anyone remember me?  I sure hope so because I would love to start connecting again.  Yes, it’s been quite a while since I… Continue reading Let me reintroduce you to The Decorative Dreamer